Why do people use Instagram

"Insta without make-up":
Study reveals: this is why young people really use Instagram

No confrontation with yourself

So that the photos fit into the beautiful world of Instagram, they are optimized before they are posted. You only show yourself from your “best side”, supposedly ugly pictures are deleted. The young people don't want others to see that they may have been fat or styled differently in the past.

Emotions and personal stories are avoided as well as dealing with oneself. The boys and girls like to show themselves with standardized poses, which are generally accepted, and perfect make-up or hairstyling. In this way you do not take any risks and make yourself invulnerable. More than 60 percent of girls say they are interested in makeup or hairstyling on Instagram. Hair styling is particularly important for 40 percent of boys.

Control instead of superficiality

According to the study, however, this has little to do with the superficiality of young people. Rather, it is important for young people to maintain control over how they are perceived by others.

As part of the qualitative survey, group interviews were carried out with a total of 24 young women and men between the ages of 16 and 22. For the representative quantitative survey, more than 1,000 young women and men between the ages of 14 and 21 were interviewed.