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Let PC run for a long time

Quote from Martyron:

It is the same with my father in the company, but they are specially designed to run for so long, so it is even more harmful to switch them off more often, they should run as long as possible.

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It is also the case with less special hardware that a smooth run through without a lot of load is actually the gentlest way of using it.
For hard disks with 24/7 certification (i.e. already with consumer NAS disks such as WD Red), the manufacturers also point out that you should not leave the disks switched off for more than 30 days from the first time you turn them on, 24/7 is the most gentle Operation in idle.

I try to avoid such cheap desktop plates, which are designed by the manufacturer for a maximum of 6 to 8 hours of operation per day, they are simply built as cheaply as possible and are also not designed for heavier loads such as video editing. These plates are simply constructed very cheaply all around and break more often, especially if you overload them (and you overload them very quickly if you do more than a few hours of office a day).
Of course, better disks can still break, or you can be extremely lucky with a cheap office disk and it runs for 30,000 hours. Anything can happen, I won't deny that, you always need backups.