How can I send you a private message 2 The encrypted one-way message

What is

With Message. Co you can send self-destructive and encrypted one-way messages over the Internet. You don't even need to miss out the messenger or social network of your choice. We are an independent, secure and fully free service!

Advantages of a one-way message

Complete deletion

Messages self-destruct after first opening. If the message has not been opened, it will be deleted automatically after 48 hours. Deleted messages cannot be restored and are destroyed forever.

Strong encryption

In order to protect messages from unauthorized access, each message is individually encrypted, as is your connection to us as well. For this purpose we use the AES with a key length of 256 bits, which is approved for government documents with the highest level of confidentiality.


We want to enable you to communicate as anonymously and securely as possible. For this reason, we do not store or require any personal data or IP addresses of you.

Best for smartphones and tablets

We've optimized message. Co so you can write as securely as possible when you're on the move. Some of these improvements are shorter loading times, automatic screen adjustments and offline-first caching.

User-oriented development

Our users are very important to us and that's why we orientate our further development on your feedback in combination with maximum security.


We emphasize a clear and simple design so that you find your way around as comfortably as possible. In addition, hyperlinks and smileys are automatically recognized and converted.

This is how you send a message

Step 1: Type the message you want in the text box at the top of the page and click 'Create message'.

Step 2: Copy the link that is then displayed to you and send it to the person you want to talk to - e.g. via Facebook or WhatsApp.

Step 3: Now the conversation partner clicks on the link and can read the message only once, because it destroys itself thereupon.