The purchase of Instagram followers stays for a lifetime

Buy followers: is it worth the investment?

Our conclusion on the topic of “Buy Followers” ​​from influencers: It is dubious, easy to understand and in the end does not bring much. When looking for influencers, companies should allow themselves a lot of time to research and check carefully whether the reach of the bloggers or Instagram stars they have chosen has also arisen organically. Because - and this is the second important reason that speaks against buying followers - 100,000 followers do not bring anything to anyone if there is still no engagement on the channel.

User engagement is one of the most important KPIs in online marketing, especially in social media marketing. Purchased followers generally have no interest in the posts from companies or influencers. The engagement rate is correspondingly bad, because a bought follower is rarely liked and commented on. You can of course also buy comments and likes on the relevant pages - but you find yourself in a spiral of costs that ultimately brings little: in the end, the users bought are not interested in the post or the brand.

Companies in particular go for it when buying followers and other virtual consent dangerous black ice. If the internet community notices this purchase, the popularity it has bought can suddenly have a negative effect on you. On the other hand, you are also at least in a legal gray area: You could argue that you are engaging in unfair competition. They suggest a public approval of your brand or one of your products that does not correspond to reality.

It makes more sense to put your money and effort into it, with good promotions and great content generate followers naturally. Working with influencers is the first way. But as I said: be careful when choosing influencers!

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