How important is personalized email marketing

Email Marketing Trends: Personalized Content Becomes Relevant

Email is still an important direct marketing tool today. In the study “”, the consulting firm Absolit identified topics that will soon become relevant. The study has shown that personalized e-mails are essential and the respondents are also working on adapting e-mails to the needs of the recipients.

35% of respondents attribute high relevance to personalized emails

In addition to personalized landing pages (35%) and lifecycle emails (37%), personalized content (35%) will also be relevant in the near future - the respondents agree on this. Because annoying e-mails do not correspond to the wishes of the customers.

Source: Study of E-Mail Marketing Trends 2016

It is also interesting that there are differences in the various industries. The study shows that B2B companies hardly integrate their customers into the communication process. The subject of email has not yet reached them. Social media, welcome emails and also personalized content from capital goods manufacturers are rated as less important than in other industries. Retail and tourism, on the other hand, are at the forefront: Sending relevant e-mails is already standard for them.

Personalization and automation

In addition to personalizing content, automation (33%) is also one of the most important trends in email marketing. A third of the email experts surveyed say that automation is not yet an issue for them. However, a third also agree that it will soon be relevant. In a short conversation, Torsten Schwarz explains how important data-driven marketing will soon be in order to be able to make automated recommendations for suitable content.

Mr. Schwarz, what do companies have to look out for when marketing email? How can personalization and automation be linked?

Study author Torsten Schwarz

Torsten Schwarz: “It's not that easy to please customers. Customers are very demanding and want personalized emails. So companies need to know about their customers and not make the mistake of sending a non-personalized email. Businesses need to prepare beforehand to send the right message to the right people. For example, an email with a current offer should no longer be sent to those who have already bought the product. The solution for linking personalized content and automated e-mails is called data-driven marketing. I have to get this personalized content out of the database automatically and for that I need a software connection. "

Customer contact on multiple channels: retargeting techniques

Another correspondence with the coming trends is the topic of multichannel. Customers should not only be informed of relevant messages by email. So it is important to contact customers through other channels as well. There are many channels - retargeting techniques such as Facebook Customer Audience or Google Customer Match are mentioned.

217 email experts participated in the study. The short version can be viewed free of charge at Further information is also available in the technical article.

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