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Mesko MS 7959 air purifier, ionizer

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Clean air in your home cannot be taken for granted.

Mesko MS 7959 home air purifier

If you think that after closing the window you pollute the indoor air less than outside, then you are wrong. There is a lot of talk about pollution and smog. Especially in the heating season in winter, the air is so heavily polluted that we can perceive it ourselves without special measuring devices. The neighbor smokes in a plastic oven, another drives a car with a dilapidated exhaust, a nearby factory or a busy street, city smog. We poison ourselves and our children. Since "poisoners" cannot be persuaded by talks or ID cards, we have to defend ourselves differently. And here they come across devices for air purification at home. Small, quiet and inconspicuous.

A simple functional principle consists in the generation of negative ions, which "catch" positively charged air pollutants. Effectively fights dust, hair, dust and similar contaminants. Another benefit is the generation of ozone, which neutralizes odors. In the room where the air purifier works, we feel fresh and fresh. The MS 7959 has two power levels that we can use depending on the degree of air pollution. The manufacturer states that a device has an effective range in rooms of up to 20 square meters. The air purifier is very quiet and because of the continuous work it is important to save energy. Service practically no, easy to clean.

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