How can I add affiliate links automatically

Optimal affiliate links management - I use these 3 plugins for this!

Today I would like to describe my approach, how I build affiliate links into my blogs and affiliate websites and keep them easy to maintain.

Because once you have hundreds of articles and pages, it can be difficult to keep track of the affiliate links. And what if an affiliate link changes or you want to incorporate a different affiliate program in dozens of articles?

In the following, I present how I now handle this and which 3 plugins I use for it.

3 plugins for affiliate links management

I use a total of 3 plugins to manage my affiliate links. However, it is also possible to use just two or one of them.

I use the following WordPress plugins, which I will introduce in more detail below:

  • Pretty Links Lite
    With this I turn the usually not very nice and long affiliate link into a short link.
  • Advanced Ads
    With this I can insert the code for an advertising space in many articles and then centrally define in one place which affiliate link (including banner and text ad) should then appear there.
  • Auto affiliate links
    This allows you to automatically add an affiliate link to certain words throughout the blog.

My workflow at affiliate links

  1. Mask link
    The masking of affiliate links is not without controversy. I use this on affiliate websites to turn forever long and daunting links into friendly links. With “Pretty Links Lite” this is very easy to do.

    In addition, you even get a small click statistic and can later even change the affiliate link behind the masked link without having to touch the article where it is integrated.

    However, if you don't want to mask your affiliate links, you can skip this point.

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  2. Manage advertising spaces
    In order not to enter the affiliate link directly in the articles themselves and then later have to change dozens of articles manually if the link is no longer correct, I sometimes use a banner plugin.

    The Advanced Ads plugin is very simple, but it is very suitable for that. A banner space is defined and either the affiliate link or the masked link including the banner is built into it.

    Now you only need to have the affiliate banner displayed in a certain place in all articles (or only in certain categories). In this way, you can very easily change affiliate links / banners only once in Advanced Ads and the will appear in all relevant articles new affiliate link. You can also rotate multiple affiliate banners. All of these changes only have to be made once in Advanced Ads.

    Alternatively, for example, I have created my own AdSense copy with Advanced Ads here in the blog and use it to display suitable text ads including affiliate links.

  3. Automatically distribute affiliate links
    Alternatively or in addition, affiliate links can also be automatically distributed on your own affiliate website.

    The “Auto Affiliate Links” plugin works very easily. You define a keyword and a URL (the affiliate link). Now the plugin provides the first occurrence of the keyword with the link in every article in which the keyword occurs, whereby there are also some setting options here.

    In this way, for example, you could add an affiliate link to all mentions (only the first occurrence per article) of a certain product name in a blog.

    However, this only works with text links.

My favorite plugin for the Amazon affiliate program

My favorite Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress has bestseller lists, offers, comparison table, and more.

As a result, my Amazon affiliate income has increased significantly.

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Why do I use all 3 plugins?

I now mask almost all affiliate links. I can't say whether that will do a lot. But I think so.

I use the banner plugin because, for example, I only want to include affiliate links and banners in certain article series. I can also rotate them or swap them without any problems.

In pure affiliate websites I also use the plugin for automatic linking. It just makes sense to automatically provide certain terms in a niche website with an affiliate link. Incidentally, this is done "on the fly" and if you delete the keyword from the plugin, the links are gone.

However, you should not use automatic linking too often and not link keywords that are too general to it. Otherwise there is the same affiliate link in almost every article.

Conclusion on affiliate links management

Instead of building the affiliate links and banners into articles by hand and thus having to do a lot of maintenance, one should use one or the other plug-in to help.

This simplifies maintenance and saves a lot of time.

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