What is an online shopping cart

All the functions you need, without any unnecessary ballast

Shopify online store

With Shopify, it's easy to create and manage an online shop.

70+ professional themes

Thanks to the themes created by world-famous designers like Happy Cog, Clearleft and Pixel Union, you will love the look of your website on Shopify.

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Adapt the online shop to your individual needs

Each template comes with its own intuitive settings so that you can quickly and easily design all aspects of your webshop to suit your taste.

Sell ​​your products on the go

Your Shopify web store automatically includes a shopping cart for sale on mobile devices. Your customers can view and buy your products from any mobile device.

Edit HTML and CSS

You have full access to the HTML and CSS files in your shop. This enables you to effortlessly adapt all components of your online shop.

Work with experts

You can work with one of our Shopify experts to customize your shop from scratch.

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Use your own domain names

Use your own domains or purchase entirely new ones through Shopify.

Complete blog platform

Post and categorize articles, design catalogs, and moderate comments on your Shopify blog.

Web-based website creation

Host your website on Shopify. Your online shop offers a fully equipped content management system (CMS).

Free SSL Certificate

Every Shopify store has a free 256-bit SSL certificate. All pages, content, credit card and transaction information are protected according to the same security standards that are used by banks.

Automatic shipping costs

Receive automatic shipping from the leading shipping companies like UPS and FedEx.

Accept credit cards with Shopify

In your Shopify shop, customers can pay with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You get a low credit card rate with no additional fees.

Learn more about Shopify Payments

Restore the abandoned cart

Recover lost sales by automatically sending your customers an email linked to the abandoned cart, encouraging customers to complete their purchase.

Flexible shipping costs

Set the amount of the shipping costs flexibly - fixed shipping costs, staggered shipping costs or shipping costs based on weight or location of the recipient.

Offer free shipping

Increase the average order value by offering your customers free shipping. You can decide for yourself from which order value shipping is free.

Automatic taxes

Depending on where your customers live, Shopify manages the most important taxes for you.

Different languages

The checkout of your online shop is available in 50+ languages. You can also translate the theme of your web shop.

Customer profiles

Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. Find contact information and order history at a glance.

Understand dropshipping

Shopify integrates apps like Oberlo, Ordoro, Inventory Source, and eCommHub. This enables you to easily run a dropshipping business.

Customer accounts

Encourage your customers to return to your site by creating a customer account upon checkout. However, your customers also have the option of completing the sales process as a guest without creating a customer account.


Refund part or all of their order to your customers using the payment method they used. Your inventory will be adjusted automatically.

Customer groups

Categorize and export customer lists sorted by location, purchase history and other criteria

Manage your shop on the go

Use the Shopify app on your smartphone to update your shop, manage your inventory, process orders or contact your customers.

Email templates

Customize your automatic e-mails to suit your shop in terms of design and language.

Order management

Take payments and process orders right from your phone. Send shipping notifications directly from the post office.

Search engine optimized

Help potential customers find your shop using search engines. Shopify supports SEO best practices like customizable H1, title and meta tags.

Google AdWords credit

Get $ 100 in credit for every $ 25 worth of Google Services.

Generated Sitemap.xml

Your sitemap.xml is automatically generated along with your products, websites and blog entries.

Product reviews

Use SEO-friendly product reviews on your website to actively involve your customers and increase your sales.


Boost your sales and loyalty by giving out discount codes that help your customers save. You can freely choose which discount you want to grant - amount of money, percentages, free shipping, etc.

Sell ​​on Facebook

Your Facebook fans can browse your products and buy them without leaving Facebook.

Gift vouchers

Your customers can buy gift cards for someone else or use their own gift cards to pay in your shop.

Social media integration

All Shopify websites have social media integrations with sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Inventory management

Manage all of your inventory with Shopify. Track your inventory and stop selling as soon as you run out of inventory.

Digital products

Your customers can order digital products directly in your online shop or download them there.

Product variations

Offer your products in different variants, such as B. different sizes, colors, materials, etc. Each variation can have its own price, item number, weight and inventory.

Import / export

Import and export your products with CSV files or with one of Shopify's many import / export apps.

Product organization

Organize your products by category, type, season, sales etc. Automatically combine products into collections based on seller, price or stock level.

Unlimited products

There is no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your online shop.

Different pictures

Show different images for your products so that they can be presented from all angles.

SEO product tags

Optimize your product pages for search engines with product-specific meta tags, titles and URLs.


Secure ongoing income by offering your customers subscriptions. With a subscription app integrated into Shopify, you can manage everything in one place.

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Unlimited bandwidth

You never have to pay for the number of visitors or the traffic to your shop.

SSL certificates

Your online shop has a 256-bit SSL certificate to keep your customer information and company data safe.

Email forwarding

When you get your domain name through Shopify, you automatically get unlimited email forwarding too. Create email addresses like [email protected]

Automatic updates

All Shopify updates are automatic so that you are always up to date immediately.

PCI Level 1 compliant

Shopify is PCI Level 1 compliant. So you don't have to worry about the security of your customers' credit card details.


An interactive dashboard with your sales, orders and online traffic helps you make the best decisions for your business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is integrated into your online shop and helps you to track your sales, visitor numbers and referrals.

Product reports

Use the analysis tool to gain deeper insights into your products and orders. Find out which products are selling well and which are not.

Visitor and referral report

Find out where your visitors come from and how they found out about your webshop.

Export reports

You can export your reports to a spreadsheet program of your choice or send them to your accounting department.

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Designer chair
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Designer chair
SKU: OB326133 €

Order management

Since you can process one or more orders with just one click, your order management becomes child's play.

Mobile dashboard

Know immediately which of your products needs your attention and keep up with the latest trends in your company.

Manage inventory

Add products, take a product photo, change prices or manage your inventory - easily from your smartphone.

Contact your customers by email or phone

Search for customer profiles and contact your customers directly by email or phone.



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