Where can I wholesale online

Buy and sell among professionals -
this is RESTPOSTEN.de

"Buy and sell"- that is, in simple terms, a core topic on our wholesale marketplace RESTPOSTEN.de. Because these two key functions are part of the basic membership" RP Kompakt ", which enables access to RESTPOSTEN.de. The huge advantage: For both sides - both buying and selling - there are no quantity restrictions.

No sales activity limit

It plays for Seller So it doesn't matter whether just a single product or an entire product range of several thousand offers is published and sold on RESTPOSTEN.de: the membership price always remains the same. Since there are also no transaction-dependent fees such as commissions or setting fees, the result is a very easy to plan cost model at an affordable level.

Effective seller features such as an own showroom on RESTPOSTEN.de, a range gallery or the image preview in search result lists ensure that own offers attract attention and are sold even with around 200,000 products available online.

Buy and sell only for companies and traders

RESTPOSTEN.de is a thoroughbred wholesale marketplace, which means: The Trading activity is not available to private individuals - access is only for companies and traders possible. Only those who legitimize themselves by sending an official trade license will be activated.

For Seller Special requirements apply: Anyone who places offers for sale on RESTPOSTEN.de is subject to special checks with regard to address and response speed or availability to inquiries. In addition, it can be specified whether the goods to be sold can be viewed on site. If you want to become a top provider on RESTPOSTEN.de, you can complete your profile with a credit check and your special one Seller status complete with it.

Specific legislation on buying and selling

It is important to note that the Buy and sell on RESTPOSTEN.de what happens among merchants special rights and obligations for buyers and sellers brings with it: For example, the Distance Selling Act with its privileged rights of withdrawal for consumers does not apply here! For example, you cannot unilaterally withdraw from your purchase because of the Buyers I no longer like the color of the purchased product.

At the Purchase among merchants Rather, it matters whether the delivered goods or the service provided corresponds to the offer or the order confirmation. In this respect, it is of particular importance to study the original offer and all of them important steps in the buying process to be documented in writing - and that of course also includes the actual offer.

Furthermore, the delivered goods must be inspected immediately upon delivery in order to check the completeness and condition of the goods. If a problem arises, the goods must either not be accepted at all or the seller must be contacted for adjustment. The time factor plays a special role here, you have to act immediately in order to secure your own claims.

You can also find important information on this in our free "Buying on the Internet" guide, which you can download in PDF format.

Trading on the Internet - ways out of anonymity

Creating trust is of particular importance for trading partners on the Internet, because they are each other Buyers and sellers not face to face, but act through a global network. It is all the more important to break out of this anonymity as much as possible in order to get the Transaction costs of the parties involved to lower.

RESTPOSTEN.de goes the way that Contact details of buyers and sellers to be disclosed for logged-in members and transaction partners so that everyone on Buying process Those involved know exactly who they are dealing with. A valuable advance in information compared to business models in which only more or less abstract information such as user names are published.

Of course, evaluation criteria such as the seal of approval obtained, evaluation systems or memberships and cooperation with industry associations also play a major role in creating trust and optimizing business processes.

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