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The media landscape is in a radical upheaval. While digital offers from Netflix to Facebook are reaching more and more users, the reach of traditional media is rapidly decreasing. This also increases the importance of digital channels in marketing. This is especially true in the B2B area. According to a study by the American digital agency Regalix from 2016, around three quarters of the B2B marketing experts surveyed stated that they give digital marketing a high priority.

But how does a company strategically set up its digital marketing? Which channels should decision-makers rely on? Which approaches promise the greatest success online? In the whitepaper "From Google Search to Sales - Digital Marketing for Executives" we set out five theses about how companies use the advantages of digital marketing for themselves.


Thesis 1: Digital marketing needs a holistic strategy

That may go without saying. In fact, there are enough marketing departments that tweet or post on Facebook without a plan because they want to look contemporary instead of wondering how best to reach their target audience. The core of the corporate identity is still the website. Other measures such as social media marketing, search engine optimization or email campaigns are primarily used to attract potential customers to this website. Facebook and Twitter only make sense as part of a holistic strategy.


Thesis 2: Digital First, Mobile First! 

87 percent of Germans are online today. At the same time, the importance of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is growing. According to figures from the statistics portal Statista, the proportion of mobile Internet users rose from 54 percent (2015) to 64 percent (2017). For those responsible for marketing, the consequence can only be: Digital First and Mobile First!


Thesis 3: If you want to win on the Internet, you have to orientate yourself towards the user

Nowhere can companies collect extensive data as easily as on the Internet. The more companies know about their target groups, the more individually they can address them. If the user also leaves their contact details, this opens up the possibility of contacting them individually at the right time. However, in order to evaluate the data, suitable software is required - and also the necessary technological competence among employees.


Thesis 4: Classic advertising is annoying - content marketing benefits the customer

Classic advertising that interrupts the user experience only works to a limited extent on the Internet. In a 2016 survey by HubSpot and Adblock Plus, a large majority of users answered that they were bothered by pop-ups and commercials on Internet videos. Instead, those responsible for marketing are increasingly relying on content marketing. This is journalistic content such as blogs, webinars or podcasts that benefit or entertain the target group. With them, companies can distinguish themselves as experts and win potential customers for themselves.


Thesis 5: Digital marketing is successful when it leads to sales

Thanks to the extensive data that can be recorded on the Internet, it is possible to align marketing directly with sales and to accompany individual customers from the first Google search to the purchase decision. Marketing efforts have a direct and verifiable influence on sales figures. In order for this to be successful, companies need the right platform that encompasses marketing and sales (closed loop marketing). The American company HubSpot offers such a solution.


The digitization of marketing opens up new opportunities to reach potential customers cost-effectively and efficiently. In order to exploit the advantages, however, it is important to proceed strategically and to know the possibilities that are available to companies. If you want to know more, you can download our new whitepaper.



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