What is 1 milliliter equal


Milliliter is one of the units of volume for liquids and is abbreviated with the lower case ml. The word milliliter is made up of the two words "milli" and "liter". The word part "Milli" comes from the Latin word "millesimus", which means thousandth. Therefore, a milliliter is one thousandth part of a liter. So you divide a liter into 1,000 equal sections, such a section is a milliliter. 1 milliliter is a volume of 0.001 liters (1 ml = 0.001 l). Another name for milliliters is cubic centimeters (cm³). 1 cubic centimeter is a cube with a side length of 1 centimeter or 10 millimeters. The volume of this cube is 10 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm = 1,000 mm³, which corresponds to 1 cm³. 1,000 cubes of 1 cm³ result in a cube of 1 l (= 1 liter).

The individual volume units at a glance

dm³ (cubic decimeter)cm³ (cubic centimeters)
1 l = 1,000 ml1 ml = 0.001 l

The conversion factor from one volume unit to the next larger or next smaller volume unit is 1,000. If you want to convert a larger volume unit into a smaller volume unit (e.g. from liters to milliliters), you have to multiply your value by 1,000 (1 l x 1,000 = 1,000 ml). If you want to convert a smaller volume unit into a larger volume unit (e.g. from milliliters to liters), you have to divide your value by 1,000 (1 ml: 1,000 = 0.001 l).