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Buying Christmas cookies in Vienna: the best are here!

Last Updated on: 4th December 2020, 05:41 pm

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A story about buying Christmas cookies in Vienna

I know a housewife who traditionally celebrates Christmas every year 21 different types of biscuits bakes. To be invited to this family in Advent was always a party before the party: In the course of the afternoon, an étagère with the most incredible delicacies, both visually and tastefully, was ceremoniously served. Over the years I couldn't make out a favorite, but I felt real envy. How did she manage all of this in addition to her husband, children, job and household?

My nice stepmother solved the problem of too little time paired with too little talent (interview: “I'm not a cook!”) In connection with Christmas cookies very elegantly: She simply bought them from someone who had an excess of both. To this day, however, she has not revealed her source to me! Because Christmas baking from any source other than my own oven was completely frowned upon by my strict but great grandma, I had a guilty conscience for years - and no cookies, which wasn't the solution either.

In the end, I decided, entirely Austrian, for a compromise between tradition and modernity. I bake a variety myself, the production of which I have been able to perfect over the years, and nonchalantly cheat the sweets I bought on the cookie plate in between. Below I reveal the family recipe for vanilla croissants. Incidentally, apart from its source, there is another central question on the subject of Advent bakery:

When will there be Christmas cookies in Vienna?

And which one is that right time? In fact, it is also available for biscuits, as well as for everything in life. The food industry usually briefly floods the market after the start of school in September with the first industrially manufactured speculoos, Christmas stollen and gingerbread. That happens a little earlier every year, it seems to me.

Actually does any appointment before the 1st Advent makes little sense, also because of the durability and storage. If you start eating biscuits too early, they'll come out of your ears by December 24th, and after St. Stephen's Day at the latest, they'll look as old as yesterday's newspaper.

What are the typical Christmas cookies here?

Traditional Christmas baking, like national kitchens, is very different. Since globalization also has advantages from a culinary point of view, we are also happy to have one these daysPanettone from Italy and the undoubtedly inaccessible Christmas bakery from Burgenland. The Felber bakery thankfully collected the favorite biscuits of the Austrians:

  • Vanilla croissants: 57%
  • Linz eyes: 42%
  • Rum balls: 41%
  • Coconut or nut nuts: 35%
  • Shortcrust biscuits: 34%
  • Christmas stollen: 16%

The best Christmas cookies in Vienna: our opinion

The editors of the HEROLD blog took this result as an opportunity and tested the purchased vanilla croissants with great physical effort and a noteworthy attack on all hip gold according to extremely strict criteria:

Despite the sugar shock, the result was sobering:

  1. There was complete disagreement among the testers. What seemed to some to be the only true croissant, others found underground and vice versa.
  2. Looks are not everything.
  3. The price and the taste quality are not directly proportional.

The bakery won black in front Felber in Vienna and Kolm in Mödling. To which places were referred Hanauer, Prindl, anchor and in last place The man. Who could have predicted this result!

My personal conclusion was that my strategy of only baking the vanilla croissants myself is not that bad. Vanilla crescents are sacred. Here now as promised Family recipe:

  • 25 dkg flour
  • 21 dkg butter
  • 10 dkg of grated almonds
  • 7 dkg icing sugar

Mix all ingredients together and shape croissants out of nut-sized pieces and bake lightly, while still hot toss in vanilla sugar.

Speaking of price: What does 1 kg of self-baked versus bought Christmas cookies cost in Vienna?

That is a difficult question to answer. An example: 200g of ground organic almonds can be used with around 5.00 euros to book and there are still missing fat and sugar, not to mention the real, sour bourbon vanilla. Depending on the variety, you may need other nuts, desiccated coconut, eggs, jam, etc. If you like to bake cookies yourself, you should look at the ingredients quality look and not at the cost. If they are otherwise cheap but horrific, the total value ends up in the trash - or as a gift to enemies.

On the net you can find from privately offered goods at prices from €15.00 to around € 22.00 per kilo. Please be careful with smaller quantities: At EUR 4.50 for 100 grams, I would do without. A sweet black market for homemade cookies seems to have established itself. I guess I'm not the only one who can't bake! You can get gingerbread at Fresh and fresh buy half-finished for € 6.99. Tastes good and you only do the fun part yourself, for example when a couple of children are visiting or friends. You can also ask the baker around the corner whether he offers half-finished dough in Advent. In the supermarket you can find vanilla croissant dough, honey gingerbread dough and dark shortcrust pastry from Aunt Fanny's product range. Finished Christmas bakery costs between 15.00 and 25.00 euros per kilo in the supermarket.

Where can I buy the best Christmas cookies?


Delicious Christmas bakery, which can also be ordered and delivered online, is available in Vienna as an exception. The special thing about these Christmas cookies is that they are vegan and gluten-free. Exceptionally, the offer includes vanilla croissants, shortbread biscuits and almond speculoos. But special rum balls are also available.

Contact: Exceptionally, 1060 Vienna

Gerstner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker

In the Gerstner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäckerei in Vienna's first district has everything your heart desires for Christmas: vanilla croissants, cinnamon stars, Linzer eyes, Christmas stollen, gingerbread, wind bakery and of course mixed Christmas bakery. A classic Christmas cookie mix costs around € 15 for 250g.

Contact:Gerstner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker, 1010 Vienna

Marco Simonis

Recently, after an exhausting Saturday shopping downtown, Marco Simonis saved me. So not him personally, but the incredibly delicious cheese and matching white wine that the attentive team of the delicatessen served me. I followed up with a cheesecake that was almost the best in town, but that's another story ...

Contact:Marco Simonis, 1010 Vienna

Kurkonditorei Oberlaa

The chocolate mousse cake here is legendary and worth every sin. You have the opportunity to enjoy eight times in Vienna and once in Lower Austria. You can also ask a nice person to bring one with you when he goes to buy the cookies ...

Contact:Oberlaa Kurkonditorei, Vienna and Lower Austria

To the black camel

If you have visitors from the federal states or from abroad, then you absolutely have to go to the Kameel with the guests: more Vienna is almost impossible. Everything there is an experience and nowhere can you lean against the counter with a wine glass in a more elegant and pleasurable way at the same time. In the adjoining delicatessen there is everything that the quality-conscious gourmet needs for the season.

Contact:Zum Schwarzen Kameel, 1010 Vienna

Margits Mehlspeisstüberl

Home-made and hand-made Christmas bakery is available in Margits Mehlspeisstüberl. Jams and creams used in the Christmas cookies are all homemade too. Margits Mehlspeisstüberl offers a total of 20 different types of Christmas biscuits. 1 kg of Christmas bakery costs € 33.50.

Contact: Margits Mehlspeisstüberl, 7035 Steinbrunn

Anyone who now thinks that buying biscuits is a matter of trust is right. And if you want to try DIY and lots of love this year, too. Good succeed!
Christmas can come …

HEROLD Blog Team