How is Walmart different from Walmart Supercenter

Difference between Walmart and Walmart Supercenter

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Can I get fresh fruit and vegetables in the Walmarkt or only in a Walmart Supercenter? And a child seat? I will probably get it in both stores. I don't quite see through between these shops, even with the Safeway. There is mostly fresh food, but no child seats ???

If one or the other forum member could give me a tip, I would be really happy! Many Thanks!

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I don't know Safeway, it doesn't exist here in South Texas. But I guess these are normal food markets. Sometimes they have a small assortment of household items and textiles and a little something for babies and no children (such as bottles, pacifiers, etc.), but rather less large items such as child seats and strollers.
You should get child seats in all WalMarts. I don't know if it's the same in all states, but here practically all WalMarts have converted to food. For some, the offer is a bit bigger, for others it is smaller. The Dallas area also has more and more neighborhood Walmarts that mostly have groceries. If you drive to WalMart, you can see right above the entrance whether he has any groceries. I think it says "Always fresh - Food Isle" or something like that (red lettering).
You can go to the WalMart homepage and search for the items you want. There is also a store locator where you can see whether the desired product is available in the WalMart of your choice, or have it delivered to the desired WalMart (free shipping) and then pick it up there.