Why is the word uppity offensive

Translation of "bist hochnäsig" in English

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You come from an upscale house are snooty.
I'll make you a good offer and you are snooty.
I make you a nice offer, you give me the high-hat.

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For a country boy are you pretty snooty.
You're getting awful stuck-up for a country boy.
Do your friends know how snooty you are?
Violet, forgive me and I don't want to be offensive, however are you always like that snooty?
Violet, forgive me, and I don't mean to be offensive, but are you always this stuck-up?
You never work, and on top of that are you always like that snooty!
You never work and then put on such airs!
Today I finally hit this one snooty...
You don't have to be like that snooty be.
Paul wasn't snootyeven though he was rich.
There'll be a lot snooty Writers sit.
Captain Snooty unfortunately didn't teach me anything about manipulation today.
Captain Condescension Didn't cover the mind control chapter in today's lesson.
Didn't want him to be me for snooty holds.
She will soon be too snooty be.
I will never snooty and be stubborn.
He is like that snootybecause Romulans are biological relatives of the Vulcans.
He was being uppity, because Romulans are biological cousins ​​to Vulcans.
I'm not one of those rigid as a stick, these snooty.
I'm not one of those stiffs that you like ... with their noses up in the air.
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