What is an online discussion forum

What is a forum? Easily explained

If you read from a forum and don't know what that is, you will find an easy-to-understand explanation in this article. We'll show you what a forum is and how it works exactly.

Forum - what is it? It is explained here

A forum is a website where opinions, thoughts and often files are exchanged and discussed.

  • There are numerous types of forums. Our CHIP forum is all about technology. However, there are also forums about medical complaints, everyday problems, horses, cars and much more. In the forum, users with different opinions and prior knowledge discuss, discuss and help each other.
  • In a forum, a public chat is operated, so to speak. First, a user creates a topic with a specific problem or question. Afterwards, all other members can also answer and thus participate in the discussion or help. It doesn't matter when you answer. Even after years, you can theoretically still answer a topic.
  • In principle, anyone can become active in a forum. However, many forums initially require a free and short registration. Few forums are only accessible by invitation from a member.

How does a forum work?

  • Let's take a look at the CHIP forum as an example of a forum: Here everyone can read what other users write publicly in the forum. If you want to join the discussion or have a question, you can create your own account with just a few clicks.
  • There are numerous main topics in the forum such as software, apps, smartphones, IT security and operating systems. Here you will now find the respective topics that have already been opened. If you have a problem yourself, you should look for it before you post the question in the forum. Many common problems have already been resolved.
  • So that everything doesn't go haywire, there are also rules and special users in forums who keep an eye on what's going on. The so-called "administrators" or "moderators" play the forum police force, admonish unfriendly users or put the conversation back on the right track if the actual topic has deviated from.
  • In addition to the public discussions, there is also a private area in the forum. Each user receives their own profile and can disclose some information here for other users. In the CHIP forum you can, for example, specify your domestic technical equipment. Private messages between users are also possible, but are usually only rarely used for internal agreements.

In the next practical tip, we will show you how to create your own forum for free.