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The most important words for a trip to Malaysia

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The desire to understand people and be understood by them always leads to a conversation with the native population in Malaysia, even if you only know a few basic terms. The most important thing is to approach people with a positive attitude and openness, then everything will work out fine.

Understanding in Malaysia

The official and national language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia. The language is very reminiscent of the Indonesian language. Due to the strong Indian and Chinese population as well as the Muslim religion, however, different languages ​​come together in this very multicultural country. However, the English language is the second or third most widely spoken language. So when you are in Malaysia you will always be able to communicate in English without any problems.

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Read the posters!

I personally learned a lot from reading the menus in the restaurants and the posters on the streets. Fortunately, im Bahasa Malaysia uses the Latin alphabet so that it is easy to read and recognize certain words. At the latest when certain words are repeated, a certain logic appears in the Malay language and words can be recognized. Plus, the Malays are extremely friendly and will have a lot of patience with you during your trip to Malaysia.

Basic idioms / common expressions

Good day good eveningHello
How are you?Apa khabar anda
Good thanks and you?Sangat baik, dan anda?
I understand / I don't understandSaya faham / Saya tidak faham
Good-byeselamat tinggal
Good daydialu-alukan
Many Thanksterima kasih (banyak)
Excuse me pleasemaafkan saya / sila
My name is...Nama saya
no thankstidak terima kasih
Yes Noya / tidak
Here you goanda dialu-alukan

Trade / Buy

How much does it cost?Berapa banyak?
That is a good priceIa tidak mahal
It is too expensiveIa terlalu mahal
Can you bring the price down?Bolehkah anda menurunkan harga
I would like to buy thisSaya ingin membeli ... salah satu yang
I like it / I don't like itSaya suka / Saya benci
Just browsing.Saya hanya melihat

Mode of Transport

I want to go to ...Saya ingin pergi
planekapal terbang
trainkereta api
I want to rent a ...Saya mahu sewa


Where is ...? / How do I get to / to ...?di mana adalah
railway stationstesen kereta api
City centerpusat bandar
Is it far?Adakah ia menutup / adakah ia jauh
straightlurus ke depan
Left Rightmeninggalkan / betul
North South West EastUtara / selatan / Adalah / Di mana Adakah


one two three four five six seven eight nine tenyang / dua / tiga / empat / lima / enam / tujuh / sembilan / sepuluh
twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixtydua puluh / tiga puluh / empat puluh / lima puluh / enam puluh
seventy, eighty, ninetytujuh puluh / lapan puluh / sembilan puluh

Times / date and days

What time is it?pukul berapa sekarang
Today (tomorrow / noon / evening)hari ini
tomorrowit is okay
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayIsnin / Selasa / Rabu / Khamis / Jumaat / Sabtu / Ahad
I'm on vacation hereSaya perjalanan
I am here to workSaya di sini untuk kerja-kerja

To table!

I'm hungry / I'm thirstySaya lapar / Saya dahaga
Good Appetitemenikmati makanan anda
Bottom up!kesihatan
It was great!ia lazat
What do you recommend?Apa yang anda cadangkan?
I'm vegetarianSaya seorang vegetarian yang
Not sharp! (I don't like it spicy)tanpa rempah
It is too hot!ia terlalu panas
I have an allergySaya alah
seafoodmakanan loud
peanutskacang tanah
I take / I would like to haveSaya ingin
Tea / coffeeteh / copy
Beer Winebir / wain
The Bill pleaseSila menambah

Health / Emergency / Safety

I have to see a doctorSaya perlu berjumpa doctor
Call a doctor / ambulancememanggil doctor
Where is the hospital?mana hospital
I do not feel goodSaya tidak berasa baik
I am in pain hereSaya cedera di sini
Where are the restrooms?di mana tandas
I've lost my waySaya hilang


Good day !hari yang baik
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