Is DOTA 2 the best MOBA

Why Dota2 is simply the best MOBA in competitive eSport

Unfortunately, since many people now have a completely twisted view of eSports and do not know exactly what eSport is, I would like to shake them up a little with this article. Because in today's esports, two titles in particular are a thorn in my side: Fortnite and League of Legends. Despite their popularity, these two games are not worthy of being called esports titles! It's similar to the rap business. The market is growing, everyone starts to listen to rap and with it more and more dirt is becoming more and more successful. And so it is with League of Legends and Fortnite. In fact, these two games are just bad and anyone who claims otherwise should no longer deal with the topic.

In the German gaming scene in particular, there is a misconception that every game is automatically an electronic sport. However, that is only partially true. More specifically, one could say that there is a division into real eSports and non-real eSports. For many, Hearthstone, for example, is not an eSport, as it has only one core focus, namely card counting and combining.

With a title like Counter-Strike or Starcraft II, Aiming, Movement, Placement, throwing Nates or Macro, Micro, Building placement etc. all count together and mostly all at the same time. Why Fortnite or the entire genre is absolutely unsuitable for professional eSports, I have in one Contribution already explained. And now I will explain why League ofLegends gets hardly any attention here on my blog.

Especially in Germany there is no real Dota2 scene, which gives a deep insight. Because as it was (almost) with Counter-Strike Source back then, unfortunately it just ended with League of Legends. League ofLegends has managed to bring casual gamers closer to eSports and that is exactly what has destroyed electronic sports and its claim! Players preferred to use LoL instead of Dota, why? Because it was easier! Typical casual mentality that I find repulsive. But what exactly makes Dota2 a better Moba?


Last hits

One of the core competencies of Dota2 players is to load their own creeps. With League of Legends, this point is completely omitted. It requires maximum concentration throughout the game and while in League of Legends you only have to keep an eye on the last hit of the enemy creeps, in Dota2 it is twice as difficult because you also have to pay attention to the hit of your own creeps. Because that's how you steal potential gold from your opponent. So the more you can dust off yourself and at the same time steal your opponent, the better it is for you and your team.

But not only creeps, no, you can kill the friendly heroes yourself. For example, if your hero has a DOT (Damage over Time) and has few HP left and would probably die, you can steal gold from your opponent because he won't get it from you. So it is possible at Dota to potentially prevent early losses, which makes the game more exciting and challenging.


Couriers and Items

What defines Dota for me is the mechanics of the item couriers. Because they allow players to buy items from the base or from the Secret Shops on the map and have them brought to their heroes. The entire team usually has access to this item courier and thus every player can have items brought to his hero. However, if this courier gets into the hands of the enemy and is killed, he loses the items and enemy players can then pick up these items. While you can't vote your hero out in League of Legends, you even have to in Dota to get more out of your skills.

In League ofLegends, you can teleport home to your fountain and shops at any time and at no cost. In Dota2, every teleport - i.e. the item for it - costs valuable gold. Again, a lot more is demanded of a Dota player. If you buy too many, too few or simply use them poorly, a player will be punished twice for this.


The map

While there is a fixed map in League ofLegends, in Dota2 you can use it to your advantage. First and foremost there are the Secret Shops, which are located in the middle of the map. There are also runes to get hold of on the middle river that a player can take. For this he receives buffs such as invisibility, speed or more damage. In addition, this rune can also collect with an empty bottle and then use it yourself if necessary.

But in Dota there is also the possibility to destroy trees with certain items or skills, to clear paths and to place oneself there better than the opponent, which can also be a good escape opportunity. Added to this is the factor of the times of day. At night, junglers have an advantage because the players' view is less. Some heroes also benefit from the night because they have buffs there.

The mountains and cliffs in League ofLegends are purely decorative. Not so in Dota. In Dota, skills can be used to jump on cliffs and avoid melee fighters. Wards can be placed for better visibility. I think you’re starting to realize what this is going to be.


Pay-to-win aspect

I never called League ofLegends a pay-to-win, and it actually isn't. But if you take a look at the under 30 level leagues, it becomes clear that for money you can get to level 30 and into the ranking much faster than someone who does not donate. Because by shopping a player can buy more and better runes and thus has an advantage to the disadvantage of other, fair players who do not buy anything. Of course, at level 30 and in the ranking, you have no advantages there.

The next problem opens up to me that you always have a champion rotation in League of Legends. Different heroes are free every week, but you can also buy heroes for real money, which you then always have. So a player can simply buy a main hero and here again has an advantage. What also sucks: Your own mates - as well as your opponents - test out heroes, cash in on them, and this falsifies your skill.

If there's one thing that defines a game as casual, it's fake skill caps within your lobby or team. Because the causal gamer mentality needs some sense of achievement here and there and so they are happy when they have 12 kills, 10 assists and 0 deaths, but do not know that they are playing against people who are not even close to their level are. Probably because you have boosted yourself with money or you are playing a hero that you have never tested before.

A rational person knows that these types of opponents are simply time waste. I gamble because I want to get better. So when people play heroes who absolutely have to test them in the ranked - not in custom games or in the Quick Match, as in Overwatch - I would love to be admitted to the insane asylum.


My conclusion

From a businessman's point of view, there is no question that League ofLegends has the better success. Copying a game and simplifying it has always worked and is not easy either. In my opinion, League of Legends is still to blame for why eSport is no longer what it was. I don't even want to downplay commercialization, but League of Legends has made sure that every light, dirty game is treated as an eSport at the same time.

Around 2010, even small inexperienced casuals had the audacity to say that League of Legends was better than Starcraft because it had more players. It is precisely these people who are to blame for the fact that it had to turn out the way it did in the end. Such inexperienced casuals, who had never had a mouse and keyboard in hand, suddenly began to play League ofLegends, no Starcraft, no Dota, no CS, no, it had to be League ofLegends. Simple, foolproof, runs on any wooden PC and with money you could even gain an advantage at the beginning - brilliant marketing! And why is League ofLegends a casual game? I will now explain this using the following example calculation.

As of August 2017, League ofLegends had 100 million players, while Dota2 was up in the same year 12 million players comes. Valve has stated that more than 400,000 players watched the International 2017. The League of Legends World Championship has 556,000 AverageViewers. So you can see that in percentage terms much more players from Dota2 also follow the competitive area, while in League ofLegends probably only very few know what to do with the term. For me, League of Legends defines it as a casual game. Just because a game is played often and by many, it is not an eSport! GTA, Minecraft, Tetris IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE ESPORT!