How does a startup find target groups

Target group: Who will buy your offer?

Find a new target group

You may also find a new target group for your product that the market has not yet noticed. For example, Bosch, the market leader in high-quality cordless screwdrivers, has discovered a new, lucrative target group. Through a market analysis, Bosch found that the classic semi-professional do-it-yourselfer who buys high-quality cordless screwdrivers is increasingly being replaced by the "IKEA generation". The analysis of this possible target group showed that the large number of mainly young people (men and women) who are not that technically savvy need a small, easy-to-use cordless screwdriver. Bosch has developed a new product for this special target group - the Bosch IXO. The Bosch IXO is one of the most successful products from Bosch and impressively shows how valuable a precise market and target group analysis can be.

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