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Questions from the bird world

On this page you will find questions that bird lovers, parents, school children and even kindergartens ask me every day. Since many questions are repeated every day and I do not have the time to answer each one individually, I will answer some questions on this page. Some questions are not that easy to answer. Like, what kind of bird is that? Answer: I cannot answer this question because I am not there and cannot see the bird. This question is asked of the teachers in the schools, the educators in the kindergarten or the parents on site, who may also see the bird. Overview: And if the parents at home, the teachers at school or the educators in the kindergarten don't know the bird name either, then go to my page: Brodowski photography. There you will always find the right pictures with names for the bird species.

What is the name of the bird? - St ......

Many educators, teachers and parents look for questions for their bird quiz, which they then do handicrafts and play with the children. Quiz questions about birds can be found on many of my Vogel sites.

On the subject of zoology and biology

Questions about birds:

What is the name of the bird of the year?

The bird of the year 2020 is the turtledove. On my nature observations page, the current bird of the year is always published with a picture.

Which birds build spherical nests?

Bild zu - Which birds build ball nests?

You want to know which birds build round nests. Ball nests e.g. build weaver birds. More under:

Climate change and the consequences for birds

Everything about climate change - effects and consequences for birds under:

What does a bird look like?

Birds have one thing in common, they all have feathers. Birds look very different. Let's just take the songbirds and compare them with the duck-like birds. Then you quickly realize that the size and build are very different. You can see different bird species on my individual bird pages. I will show you a few pictures. Here you can find my pages.

Picture too - What does a bird look like? - Jay

Do birds envy them for food?

Yes, there is feed envy among birds. As with the vultures, for example. More about bird envy at:

Sick Bird Found - What To Do?

You have found a sick or an injured bird and you do not know what to do. Go to my side sick and injured birds there you will find many answers.

Image of dead bird found - bird flu?

How do birds reproduce?

They lay eggs and keep them warm. They hatch the eggs. More about the reproduction of birds, under courtship, mating, courtship behavior and reproduction of birds.

Can birds talk?

Yes, birds communicate through sounds (calls, songs), through their plumage, through facial expressions and gestures. More under:

Do birds have a supply store?

Yes, wild birds all have a supply store for bad times, which they fall back on if, for example, they cannot go looking for food during persistent rain, hail, storm or snowfall. More on the topic of stockpiling, under What do birds and eagle owls know about reintroduction.

Picture of the eagle owl at the storage facility

How old does a bird get?

The age of the birds is very different. It depends on the bird species and whether the bird lives in the wild or in captivity. Life expectancy is lower for small birds. The average life expectancy of the individual bird species can be found on my profile pages.

What does a blackbird eat?

Blackbirds eat insects, worms and apples.
More information under, the blackbird or what do birds eat.

Where do birds sleep?

There are bird species that sleep in a common place. More about sleeping places at:

Are there ravens or crows with yellow bills?

No! Ravens and crows have dark bills. But there are corvids with yellow bills, and these are the alpine choughs. More under Corvids.

What is the beak length?

The length of the beak in birds depends on what they are eating. Birds that eat worms have longer bills than birds that only eat insects. The length of the beak is from approx. 1 cm to 25 cm, depending on the type of bird. More about this under: The bird's head

Avian flu / bird plague - what is it?

Avian influenza / bird plague is a disease caused by influenza viruses (H5N8). Which spreads quickly and leads to death in many birds.

Image for bird flu / bird plague H5N8

Can birds smell?

Yes. One bird more and the other less. But what stinks to us is a pleasant smell to a scavenger. More under:

Can birds hear?

Yes. Birds can even hear better than humans. The ears of the birds are on the side of the head under the plumage, invisible to us. More under:

How do birds get young?

Birds build nests, lay eggs in them and hatch them. The birds sit on their eggs for different lengths of time, depending on the size of the bird. There are bird species that only breed for 12 days and others that breed for 36 days before the young hatch.

Special features: bird's nest with eggs in nature

What is an additional clutch?

In the bird world, a new clutch is when the first nest with eggs has been destroyed. And a new nest is built at another point in the area and the eggs are laid again.

What are regular breeders?

Family breeders are birds that return to the same breeding site every year, such as the swallows or the white stork. Regular breeders are to be compared with regular guests or regular customers. The birds that breed in the tree trunk are called cave breeders. The birds that breed on a tree are called tree-breeders. Birds that breed in hedges, bushes and undergrowth are called bush breeders and then there are the birds that breed on the ground and these are the ground breeders.

What is the habitat of birds like?

The birds' habitat is the gas area where the birds live, find their food and raise their young. There are different habitats, more under bird habitat.

What are refugees?

Refugee birds are all those birds that leave the nest after hatching and immediately start looking for food. Such as the duck chicks, the goose chicks, the lapwing chicks, the diver chicks and the gull chicks.

Image of seagulls to look and to determine who flee from the nest

Why can birds fly?

It is related to the body shape, the wings, the light bone structure and the feathers. More on the subject under bird watching.

Which bird flies the highest

Geese and vultures are the birds that can fly the highest. The bar goose can fly over 8000 m and vultures have been spotted by pilots at an altitude of 10000 m. More under:

What is a Kröpfplatz?

The Kröpfplatz is the place in the forest, for example, where the owl or the bird of prey eats its prey. Some owls and birds of prey have fixed places in their territory that they visit, e.g. to pluck the prey (pigeon) and then the prey is brought to the eyrie to feed the young. You can find pictures of crook places on my pages of birds of prey and owls.

What are wild birds?

Wild birds are all birds that live in freedom and not in captivity. More under:

Blid to wild bird / wild birds - rook

What does a hawk eat?

The hawk eats birds, mice, rabbits, chickens, pigeons and reptiles.
Further information on the subject under, Bird of prey profiles.

Which birds eat apples?

Many species of birds eat apples. More information under the apple.

Do starlings eat apples?

Yes. Starlings eat apples.
More information on the subject under, Starlings in winter or the apple.

Star eats apple in winter

What is the wingspan of the blue tit?

The wingspan of the blue tit is 20 cm.
More information on the topic on the page, the blue tit or tit profiles.

Why do you ring birds?

Birds are ringed, for example, so that one can find out how old they are and where they are migrating to.

What is a moult in the bird world?

The moult of the birds is when the hatched birds change from the dune dress to the first plumage. And the adult birds change their plumage every year. Some bird species begin moulting in spring and others not until summer. You can find more on the subject of moulting under, moulting of the birds or under the bird's feather.

Bird black plumage yellow beak

The alpine chough and blackbird (male) have black plumage and a yellow beak.

What are juvenile birds

Juvenile birds are the birds in their youthful dress. In other words, it is the birds that have left the nest and are in their first plumage. More on the topic and pictures of juvenile birds under bird watching

What are waders?

Waders are the birds that look for their food in the tidal flats on the North Sea coast at low tide and raise their young in the hinterland.
Find out more about waders under Waders.

Assign image to waders

What are ordinations?

Consecrations are birds. They belong to the birds of prey. In Germany you can see the Marsh Harrier, the Montagu's Harrier and the Hen Harrier.
More information on the subject under, the Marsh Harrier.

What is mantle?

Mantle is when a bird of prey has struck prey and hides the prey under its wings. More on the topic and pictures under birds of prey and owls.

What do hawks eat?

It depends what kind of hawk it is. Generally, hawks will eat birds, small mammals, insects, and earthworms.
For more information about what birds eat, see the peregrine falcon, the Merlin and the kestrel.

Kestrel with mouse in their habitat

How big is the kestrel?

The kestrel is 38 cm tall.
More information at, Kestrels at the courtship.

How fast can hawks fly?

The fastest falcon in the world is the peregrine falcon. He manages to reach a speed of about 340 kilometers per hour. More on the subject under peregrine falcon and peregrine falcon swooping.

What are prey animals?

Prey animals belong to the species that are eaten by others. For example, the mouse is the prey of the owl, the marmot is the prey of the eagle, the zebra is the prey of the lion, and so on. More on the topic under What do birds eat.
If you want to know who belongs to the prey of owls and birds of prey, visit my pages Owl Observations and Birds of Prey and Owls.

Is there another name for the bird's nest?

Yes, the bird's nest of birds of prey is also called eyrie. Such as, for example, Seeadlerhorst, Bussardhorst, Falkenhorst or Habichthorst.

Do garden birds belong to the migratory birds?

Yes. Not only garden birds belong to the migratory birds, but also e.g. forest birds, songbirds, meadow birds and owls.

Seeadlerhorst in Hamburg in the nature

Can eagles swim?

Yes, eagles and white-tailed eagles can swim. More about the topic on my page of the sea eagle (sea eagle when fishing) or the osprey.

Where in Germany can you see owls?

You can have a look at owls on my owl observations page, or you can go to the zoo, animal park or bird park.

How many eggs does an eagle owl lay?

Eagle owls lay 2-5 eggs depending on the food available.
More information about eagle owls at, eagle owl breeding grounds.

Enemies of the kingfisher?

The greatest enemy is man. Because it often destroys the breeding grounds The rats and weasels are also enemies of the kingfishers.
More information about the kingfisher on the page, the kingfisher.

What is a buzzard?

The buzzard is one of the birds. There are over 20 buzzard species worldwide, all of which are birds of prey. When we speak of the buzzard in Germany, we mean the common buzzard.
You can find more information about the buzzard on the page, the Bussard or the Raufußbussard.

Buzzard in Hamburg in its habitat

Can swans fly?

Yes. Swans are among the heaviest birds capable of flying in the avian world.
More information on the subject on my page, the mute swan.

Can seagulls dive and swim?

Yes. Seagulls can dive and swim. More information and pictures on the subject under the black-headed gull or gull species.

How to paint a bird

You want to draw a bird and don't know what a sparrow, a blue tit, a finch, a thrush or a duck looks like, I can help you. Go to my page under observations there you will find the right pictures for all bird species that you need to draw.

Do birds have to drink and bathe?

Yes. Birds need to drink and bathe. The grain eaters in particular need to drink. Insect and carnivores among birds partially offset their fluid requirements with food. The cormorant even transports water to the nest in its throat pouch while rearing its young. The birds bathe to get rid of their parasites. And many bird species in the bird world also take a daily sand bath. For this reason it is important to always set up a bird bath. More information about the cormorant at, the cormorant.

Special features: Cormorant brings water to the nest in nature

What do owls eat?

Depending on their size and type, owls eat birds, rats, mice, rabbits, worms and carrion.
More information on what do birds eat, on my page the eagle owl, the long-eared owl or owls when hunting.

Does a white peregrine falcon exist in nature?

No, the peregrine falcon is often confused with the gyrfalcon in Iceland when on holiday.

What is a vulture

The vulture is a bird of prey that feeds on carrion. They pounced on the dead animals (carrion) in large scrapes and devoured them in no time. Hence the term, like the vulture, comes from.
You can find more about vultures under The Griffon Vulture, the Black Vulture and the Egyptian Vulture.

What is a vault?

The bird's bulge consists of the undigested remains of the food that the birds choke out. More on the topic, under vaults or spits.

What is the Vorbalz and the Balz?

The Vorbalz takes place in autumn. The young birds in the bird world that do not yet have a steady partner start looking for a partner as early as autumn. The male woos the female and every now and then she receives gifts in the form of food. Once the couples have chosen each other, many birds in the bird world stay together for a lifetime. The courtship itself is the attunement of the couples, with singing and flying, for the new breeding season. The actual courtship always takes place in the nest or nest area. The female then also receives bridal gifts. In the bird world, the singing and the flight inserts serve to strengthen the partnership with one another. The courtship always takes place in spring shortly before the start of breeding. Pay attention to the fact that the songbirds are courting too. More under courtship of the birds.

Turkish pigeons at courtship in the habitat

What is the name of the bird with the red spot on its head?

It is the black siskin, the goldfinch or a great spotted woodpecker. I will show you the pictures.

Birds with a red spot on the head

What is the name of the white bird with the black wing tips?

Mostly they are seagulls. But it can also be a northern gannet.

What are ruffs?

Ruffs are birds that meet each year at a certain point in nature, and there the males fight for the females.
More information and pictures on my page, the ruff.

What is an eagle owl?

The eagle owl is a bird. It belongs to the owl family and the eagle owl is even the largest owl.
More information and photos under, the eagle owl.

There is also an adhesive made by Uhu.

Why can owls turn their heads so far?

Nature has arranged it so that the owls have fixed eyes. In order for the owls to see sideways and backwards, they need to turn their heads farther than other birds. More on the subject of owls, under long-eared owls or owl observations.

Long-eared owl in nature in their habitat

How do you distinguish a hawk from a sparrowhawk?

Primarily on the eyes and the thin long legs of the sparrowhawk. The sparrowhawk has yellow eyes with a yellow border. The hawk has orange eyes.
More information on the topic on the page, the sparrowhawk.

Special features: sparrowhawk and hawk eye

What are migratory birds?

Migratory birds are birds that leave their breeding grounds and hibernate in another country. The birds cover short or long distances. More on the subject under migratory birds.

When do migratory birds migrate?

The great migration of birds takes place in spring and autumn. If you want to know which bird belongs to the migratory birds, then look under bird profiles. There you will find all bird profiles. On the subject of bird migration you will also find something under what do birds know.

What is a drake or a ganter?

The male of ducks and geese is sometimes called drakes. The male of the goose is sometimes called a ganter.

Where do the birds fly in winter?

Birds fly to Africa or southern Europe in their winter quarters in winter.
More information on the subject on my page, migratory birds.

What do birds eat in winter when there are no insects?

The birds that stay with us in Germany in winter change their diet and instead of insects eat seeds and fruit.
More information on the topic under, birds in winter or what do birds eat.

What do birds do in winter?

The birds are not as active in winter as they are in summer, they are mostly busy looking for food. In between, there is always a break in order to use as little energy as possible. More on the subject under birds in winter.

Are there pheasants, eagles, eagles and falcons in Hamburg?

Yes, there are still pheasants, eagle owls, falcons and sea eagles in Hamburg. But how long? Many animals are still being chased in Hamburg. Many pheasants, rabbits and deer end up on the plate in restaurants.

Are there white falcons in nature?

Yes, there are white hawks in nature. It is the largest falcon in the world, the gyrfalcon on Iceland and Alaska.

Why are seagulls among the enemies of many bird species?

Very easily. The seagulls are big egg thieves, destroy many clutches and they get the chicks of other birds. More on this under bird stories.

What do birds know?

The answer, what do birds know, can be found on my topic page: What do birds know.

If you want to find out something about knowledge of birds (intelligence), visit my pages: What do birds and intelligent crows know. My site is great for projects in kindergarten, district school, high school, university and school for lectures and essays in biology, in zoology, in specialist classes, for worksheets, for species profiles and for presentations or for an essay in biology classes popular. Here you will find everything for your profile template (elementary school, secondary school, high school) about birds.
For the children in the preschool and for the children in the elementary school there are extra bird pages, e.g. with pictures of chicks, with bird portraits or bird pictures for learning.

We have our most beautiful bird observations in Europe in Iceland, in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), in Holland, in England, in Poland, in Austria, in Switzerland, in Belgium, in Ireland, in Italy, in France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany in Berlin, in Hamburg on the Elbe, in Bremen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Baden-Württemberg, in Saarland, in Rhineland-Palatinate, in Bavaria, in Hesse, in Schleswig- Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Lewitz), Thuringia, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony.
And remember, the protection of nature and birds is important.
Balloons the deadly danger to birds

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