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45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter with ammunition - deactivated revolver - 4.75 inches

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45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter with ammunition - deactivated revolver - 4.75 inch - product information

Excellent 45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter with ammunition as a deactivated revolver with a short 4.75 inch barrel. This replica of the breech-loading cartridge revolver developed by Colt Firearms has a classic finish and the typical wooden handle scales. Such short versions of the Colt SAA 1873 were only available on the civilian market and were marketed, together with various other variants, under the legendary name "Peacemaker". The colloquial nickname "Gunfighter" or "Civilian" gained these short 4.75 inch revolvers because they were extremely popular with law enforcement officers, cowboys and bandits.

The 45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter is made of metal, based on an original, and equipped with a functional mechanism. A set of matching decorative cartridges (6 pieces) is included in the scope of delivery. The cartridges are made of full metal and can be inserted into the 6 chamber drum. The revolver can be cocked and knocked off with a single action trigger. The 45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter with ammunition is therefore perfect as a decorative revolver or for historical western performances.

How the 45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter deactivated revolver works

Our 45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter Deko Revolver has, like the original, a single-action trigger. The revolver must therefore be cocked again after each shot. This is done either with the thumb of the lead hand or, in the case of rapid firing sequences, over the edge of the hand on the opposite hand.

The fluted drum of the Western Colt holds 6 decorative cartridges. These can be fed in via the hinged loading flap on the side of the deco revolver. Mechanism and drum are fully functional and have the following 3 locking levels:

  • Safety catch against unintentional triggering of a shot
  • Loading latch for loading the next shot by rotating the drum clockwise to the next cartridge chamber
  • Release button to release the shot by pulling the trigger

A functioning ejector also ensures that the cartridges can be removed from the drum of the 45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter deactivated revolver when the loading flap is open.

100% legal acquisition and possession

The product offered here is manufactured 100% in accordance with the law and can be purchased freely within Germany. You do not need proof of purchase or possession of this product. It is therefore ideal for decoration or for performances. Below you will find further information on how to use our products.

  • Product type: Dekowaffe / Replica
  • Use: decoration, historical performances
  • Type of weapon: revolver
  • Epoch / Age: Wild West, Indian Wars
  • Origin / nation: USA
  • Developer: Colt Firearms
  • Production time: from 1873
  • Loading principle: breech loader - cartridge revolver
  • Caliber: .45 Colt
  • Firing release: single action
  • Mechanics: cannot fire, working mechanism
  • Barrel: with functioning ejector, muzzle open, closed in the rear third
  • Barrel length: 4.75 inches
  • Drum: 6 chambers, fillable, fluted
  • Color / finish: black - real wood, silver / used look - real wood, nickel-plated - real wood
  • Shaft / handle: made of wood
  • Length: 26 cm
  • Weight: 0.95 kg
  • Material: metal & wood
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Customer evaluation for "45 Colt Peacemaker Gunfighter with ammunition - deactivated revolver - 4.75 inches"
Of:Telsur GurdanAt the:21.04.2021

Successful replica of the 45th idol

This revolver is by far the prettiest and this Denix replica is truly standout. The workmanship is convincing and with its weight of a proud kilo you really have something in your hand. The 9 stars are due to the fact that the handle wood was a bit loose from the factory (tightening the screws regulates) and the included 22nd WRF cartridges (! Also replica!) Are not quite as nicely modeled. Finally, one has to say that as a lover of these weapons, your heart opens when you hold this beautiful piece in your hands.

Of:Brigitte PauserAt the:18.04.2021

Great replica

The cartridges supplied are too small and will fall out of the weapon. Otherwise a great device.

Of:Uwe MünchAt the:04.01.2021
Of:Torsten LehmannAt the:22.11.2020

Great boom!

A very good replica deco revolver! Price-performance ratio top!

Of:Patrick ErleshoferAt the:07.09.2020


cleaned, is 100% worth the money!
(the shipping could be fine-tuned, 15 € are not a bargain)

Of:Wilfried ZembitzkiAt the:10.06.2020

Great product fully satisfied

I am satisfied with this article!

I am fully satisfied and would order such an article again!

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