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FUNCTIONS AND PROPERTIES SCAN The UBC360CLT is a UNIDEN Bearcat station scanner with a housing in the form of a desk and an easy-to-read LC display. Technically, this model is reminiscent of the UBC278CLT and thus represents a typical representative of the middle class - in terms of both price and technology.

Scanner with clock radio function ...?
As with the UBC278CLT model, UNIDEN Bearcat relies on the very interesting combination of radio scanner and clock radio. And as usual with "real clock radios", this scanner also has a SNOOZE button and a total of 30 memories for VHF (radio) and medium wave - divided into 20 for VHF and 10 for medium wave. (on medium wave 10 kHz USA grid!) In standby mode, the clear LC display shows the time. Also possible: an alarm tone of up to 20 minutes, which can be switched off manually. (Snooze)

Scanner reception from 25 - 960 MHz

As usual with Bearcat® scanners, the frequency range is not continuous, but divided into areas. (detailed list at the end of the page). Except for aeronautical radio with AM, all other areas have FM as a modulation type. The scanner has factory default settings in the tuning steps, but in some areas it may be necessary to change the settings manually.

300 memories and 50 fade-out memories
The Bearcat® UBC360 CLT has a total of 300 memories, which are divided into 10 banks with 30 memories each. Unwanted frequencies or frequencies that interfere with the search can be hidden using the so-called channel lockout / frequency lockout function and are thus skipped in future searches. Important, for example, to fade out permanently disturbed frequencies.

Very fast search
The UBC360CLT can cover up to 150 steps in a 5 kHz grid in turbo mode Search in one second. Still 50 memories per second in normal SCAN mode. This means that the UBC 360CLT is not the fastest Bearcat® scanner, but it is still faster than many other radio scanners!

Direct frequency entry and easy operation
Frequencies can be entered and saved directly via the 0-9 keyboard. In general, the usability of this scanner can be described as being "quite simple and intuitive". Almost all functions can be called up clearly. This scanner is also suitable for beginners and beginners, but you should allow for some training time, after all, the scanner already has a certain range of functions.

Priority channel function and warning against attempting to store frequencies twice ...
Up to 10 channels can be defined as so-called priority channels. If this function is activated, the scanner jumps to one of the priority channels every 2 seconds - regardless of how it is otherwise set (except Off :-) - and remains on the channel when there is activity. So you won't miss any more important announcements. (Due to technical reasons, there are interruptions in the playback on the other channels, since the scanner is constantly switching)
If an already saved frequency is to be saved again, the Bearcat UBC360CLT warns of this double assignment. This is to prevent unnecessary multiple assignments. However, if you wish to save the frequency several times, this is of course still possible.
Aeronautical radio frequency search - pre-programmed at the factory!
The (civil) aeronautical radio frequency search can be started directly by means of a switch.

SEARCH search
With the UBC360CLT, in addition to the memory search and the aeronautical radio frequency search, you can also program a frequency search yourself. To do this, a start and an end frequency must be entered and the scanner then searches this frequency range for activities. (The two frequencies must, however, be within the factory-set frequency bands.)

The new frequency raster 6.25 and 8.33 kHz
What is not always a matter of course even with expensive models - the UBC360CLT has it - the new frequency grid. For example, 8.33 kHz is used in aeronautical radio and 6.25 kHz in the PMR446 frequency range.

No switchable band plan - but adjustable voting grids
In contrast to various newer UNIDEN Bearcat scanners, which have switchable band plans, with the UBC360CLT you can "only" change the tuning grid. The factory-set values ​​can, however, be changed.

Power supply via batteries or plug-in power supply
The UBC360CLT can either be operated with AA batteries or a 220 volt power supply unit. Since this model is not a handheld scanner, the manufacturer has not built in a battery charging function. A battery warning function in the LC display reports "weak batteries". However, the battery operation of the UBC360CLT is only intended as a "short-term bridging" and not like a hand-held scanner (operating time is shorter)