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Five advantages of Jimdo that aren't


Although WordPress should be the system of choice for most website projects, in the past, at the express request of some customers, I helped implement their website with Jimdo, which unfortunately, in retrospect, did not turn out to be beneficial for the customer either. Because if you are successful with your business, you will reach your limits faster with Jimdo than expected and the switch from Jimdo to WordPress is time-consuming. So if you believe in yourself and your business idea, you'd better get it right and rely on WordPress.

Incidentally, even Jimdo uses a much more extensive and complex system for its own website than the website construction kit that users can access. Understandable, since performance is very important today and it always has to be adapted individually.

There are open questions on the subject of data protection. With the new GDPR, website operators are no longer allowed to set cookies without being asked. So far, Jimdo has not offered the possibility to object to the use of cookies and thus apparently violates the new law. Website operators who currently use the Jimdo system are legally considered to be the operator of your website and not Jimdo. This means that you can be personally punished for violations. The cookie issue at Jimdo is currently a violation in this form. A developer should therefore be engaged immediately to prevent the website from placing cookies or to switch to WordPress immediately.


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