Eats a lot of mints badly

Poisoning by herb drops possible?

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  • First of all: Sohnemann is fine again this morning.

    Last night he started vomiting out of nowhere. A total of 3x at intervals of 20/40 minutes. And he was cold. Everything was fine until shortly before the first vomiting, he was happy and played. Then he came to cuddle and he would be cold. Zack, under the covers, came the first load. Between vomiting he was jittery and staggered slightly. Although he said he was cold, he always wanted to lie on the floor with his arms outstretched). After the 3rd vomiting he fell asleep and woke up this morning as if nothing had happened.

    As it turned out yesterday evening, he had popped a full pack of Ricola elderberry candies (50g) out of grandma’s pocket. Otherwise he ate the same things as we did and there was nothing that could have been bad (he and I ate the same thing and I'm so sensitive that a bite is enough to cause me symptoms) - from therefore ivh can actually rule that out.

    Can herb drops have such an effect? He has eaten these before, but only a few. Never so many at once. I would like to know that for the future, if it was really because of the candies, so we can secure them accordingly

    (My suspicion lies in the fact that he took something else out of Grandma's bag - but unfortunately my mother was not very approachable during the conversation, instead of helping us, we were reproached that she could not stow the bag ... was our first thought Alcohol, as his behavior reminded us of a high, especially spreading on the floor, and my mother has a drinking problem, but she denied that there was alcohol in her bag, including her medicines (heart, liver, thyroid) allegedly not in there ... there was another heated argument, because I don't have fun with something like that. And for me the consequence that no contact will be the better way for us all in the future)

  • Hello!

    It's great that your son is fine again!

    My big guy actually vomited after a trip with grandma and grandpa .... because of too many gummy bears (and no other decent food all afternoon).

    I think the problem is / was just the amount.

    Can you look at the packaging to see if there is any warning on it ... about excessive consumption?

    How old is your son?

    Was he alone with Grandma?

    LG S.

  • Well, either he got alcohol in grandma’s bag - alcoholics like to disguise their material with unsuspicious bottles, so he doesn’t have to be aware of any guilt.

    Or the candies were sugar-free and he reacted to the relatively large amount of sorbitol.

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  • The package only states the source of phenylanine.

    Sohnemann is 3 and has just under 14kg. He was looked after by grandma and grandpa in the mornings, but there was (according to their statement) nothing sweet. And even if he does, he tolerates sweets relatively well and sets limits even if he no longer likes - he generally does not overeat, especially not with sweets, because he has a very healthy dose.

  • that would rather speak for alcohol ......

    one way or another - nice that he is fine again! Nobody needs that.

  • You would probably have smelled alcohol, wouldn't you?

    I also rather suspect that it was just the crowd, especially if he is not used to it otherwise.

    When I vomit (even without a fever), I always have extreme hot-cold confusion, from heat to cold in seconds. And I prefer to lie down on the cold bathroom floor with my arms outstretched. Somehow it calms my system down, despite the cold and without any intoxication.

    It's nice that he's doing better

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  • You can smell alcohol, exon.

    I also believe that the grandma told the truth, because when it comes to real health hazards, you have to be VERY blatant and keep quiet about the fact that the grandchild may have poisoned himself.

    So either the candy was sweetened and he ate too much, or it was an MD virus. I've puked so much that I felt dizzy. And I've also been lying on the cold floor in front of the toilet after throwing up.

    I think it's a shame that there was still such a heated argument with grandma about it. Especially since it reads as if he hadn’t been alone with his grandma, and as a parent / mother you have a bit of a duty to see what the child is eating, especially since it is apparently a whole bag (!) Of sweets have been. I think it's a little ... premature that you want to break off contact right away.

    How old is your child actually?

  • Phenylanine source is usually on it for a certain sweetener. It could hit the stomach in such a huge amount. I love exactly these candies, but I feel sick when I eat too many of them.

    I have such violent reactions with freezing and dizziness to massively too much sorbitol. However, I always have diarrhea afterwards.

    I would watch him today in case it was something else (medication!) And if something is noticeable to the doctor. All of this (handbag, medication, alcohol, mother's behavior) is a risk factor.

    But I'm actually assuming a sugar substitute / sweetener overdose. Because with alcohol it does not come so suddenly after a while and in children it would also affect the consciousness if it is circulatory effective.

    And the symptoms don't really fit for heart tablets either.

    So take courage, hold on, be strong, remember where your help comes from.

  • I also think that you would have smelled alcohol.

    Apart from that, I would guess that most of the children wouldn't drink because of "iiih" alone, right?

  • Quoting is unfortunately not possible from the mobile phone

    It was this little pack of 50g that you can get at the cash register or gas station. Should have been around 10 to a maximum of 15 candies.

    I also suspected sorbitol, but Ricola contains isomalt and no sorbitol. Bri Isomalt is the critical amount at 30 to 40g / kg body weight, since it was way below 14kg.

    I couldn't find any corresponding testimonials for isomalt, that's why I'm asking here

    We tried the smell, but he and the vomit smelled mainly of the candy. My husband even wanted to go to the gas station to fetch such a small breathalyzer. And our problem is that the grandparents have been visiting us for a week and our olfactory nerves have a certain getting used to it thanks to my mother's constant slight smell of alcohol.

    Irene: Your way is very subjective. There's no poor grandma there. And we do not suspect them wrongly. There was already a similar situation in which my son came to me with a handful of Herz- and SD-Medis and asked if he could eat the sweets. From that grandma. Yesterday was the first time that he took something without consulting us. And the "argument" (I would describe it as a clear, clear message on my part, because she only got squirming) only came up when, instead of answering friendly questions about what she had in her pocket, she came to me with accusations of guilt. Clear childhood trauma fully served. It's not my fault that she drinks. In our house there is no open alcohol and no medis available for the child. I pray this like a prayer wheel every time I visit. Also you. She wasn't "drunk" (she just had her level to survive, because she knows if there is more she will be thrown out) and the sober grandpa was there too. If I can't even go to the bathroom for a short while, like yesterday, when the two are playing with him, then in future they won't look after him at all. Especially not without me anymore. Point. My parents were "on probation" anyway and that was the verdict.

    I also think he wouldn't drink anything because of iih. But unfortunately it can never be certain. And with tablets, you usually only notice that when they are almost down.

  • Dear Exon, I took my information from your post. What you are now pushing shows a different picture. But I couldn't know that when I was writing my answer.

    I think you two are more in the wrong, you are probably right.

  • Don't worry, I just want to gossip ...
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    I don't know how it is with you - but it says on the Ricola packs that an "overdose" causes gastrointestinal problems.

    Spread over 14 kilos, a pack is a lot of sweetener, and with the appropriate dose most adults would break too ...

    By the way, alcohol wouldn't be over that quickly either.

    edit: As far as the basic accessibility of poison is concerned: a child of that age and this grandma would be an impractical combination for the time being.

    Kind regards


  • this is the pack

  • Aspartame. That was the thing with the phenylanine.

    Has a laxative effect in too large a quantity. Probably not because it came out upstairs with him. For me, this amount of aspartame explains such massive nausea that the circulation can be affected. (Irritation from the sypathic nerve? Parasympathetic nervous system? I can never remember the mechanisms)

    . For me, more than 5 of them eaten within an hour lead to mild nausea. As I said, I love them - but only in small amounts.

    So take courage, hold on, be strong, remember where your help comes from.

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    I also throw up when I eat several. I don't think it's unlikely that those are the culprits.

    And grandma would probably no longer be a guest with us for what you are describing.

    LG, Calliope

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  • Exactly these I had recently caught (I usually have the Sage version - had sold out) and Schnupp, large, significantly heavier than 14 kg , perfectly healthy, pubescent eating machine, had one (!) of it and he felt sick afterwards. I guess they have some special potential. The sage version tolerates Schnupp. Otherwise we have never seen anything like that.

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    I blame it on the candies too. For example, I can't even eat one of the sugar-free candies (regardless of the brand). A few minutes later I get the worst stomach cramps, which then last for up to two or three hours.

    I can't take all these sugar substitutes a bit.

    As a child I was able to eat all of this without any problems. I only exaggerated it once. When I was about 13, I ate a whole pack of sugar-free smint lemon within an hour. They were totally hip back then. I remember feeling like I had an MD infection for the rest of the day.