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Development of the child at the age of 14 (boys)

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Important development steps for 13/14 year old boys

Puberty begins in boys at around 11 years of age, but the high phase of this difficult time begins from the age of 14. From now on, the next 3 to 4 years will be characterized by growth spurts, hormone fluctuations, pimples and braces, but also by the first real love up to the boys' first sexual experiences. No family is spared from quarrels and anger. Young people at the age of 13 are now maturing into an independent personality and demanding more and more autonomy. More about the Puberty in boys

A boy 13 years old - now he's becoming a man

The girls are usually two years ahead of the boys. But even in the growing male children, the typical changes in the body during puberty gradually inevitably occur. This includes real growth spurts of up to ten centimeters per year. The hands and feet become significantly larger, the silhouette takes on increasingly masculine shapes with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Within a short period of time, the boy's body rapidly builds muscle mass. Due to this strong physical change, boys often appear disproportionate during puberty and appear quite clumsy due to the new body feeling.

The body of 13 year old boys is flooded with hormones

The start of puberty is heralded by the pituitary gland, i.e. the pituitary gland. It ensures that the body releases the male sex hormone testosterone. The latter mainly influences the growth of the penis and testicles, and sperm cells are formed. The penis grows between the ages of 9 and 17, and the testicles have reached their final size around the age of 14. During the high phase of puberty, boys experience their first ejaculation - partly during a wet dream at night (pollution), partly through masturbation (masturbarche). Inevitably, the release of testosterone also leads to the formation of pubic and armpit hair. The beard also begins to grow. The initially soft down above the upper lip gives way over time to the stubble, which also shows up in the chin and cheek area. The first shave is coming up. (Tips for shaving) However, a real beard growth can only be recognized in the late pubertal phase from the age of 16. Also connected with the hormonal change is the voice break at this age. The vocal cords and larynx grow, which in turn results in a voice an octave lower. Meanwhile the voice fluctuates between a boy's and a man's voice. It often squeaks or breaks in the process and inevitably leads to uncertainty among adolescents. The boys also perceive that their sweat glands give off more sweat and fragrances and that body odor develops quickly. Now at the latest the time for deodorants and the constantly locked bathroom door begins. Like pimples, oily hair is one of the annoyances of puberty due to the increased sebum production.

Doors slam, cheeky answers are normal for 13/14 year old boys

The physical maturation process during puberty is one side, the emotional and social development the other side. Many parents would like to forego puberty because it is usually associated with constant conflict between teenagers and parents. The boys begin to detach themselves from their parents' home, demand more and more freedom and privacy a. The door to the room is always locked, conversations are only monosyllabic. A teenager's brain is constantly on the lookout for extreme impressions, adventures, and experiences of tension. Exploring boundaries is an integral part of growing up. This process of self-discovery, coupled with the insecurities about one's own body, is very exhausting for teenagers. Sometimes they withdraw completely, sometimes they are living in a high phase. Risky behavior characterizes the time between 13 and 16 years. In addition, friends and cliques are becoming more and more important for 13 year old boys, while family celebrations, rituals in the parental home and activities with the family are avoided.

Boys 13 years old - sexuality is awakening

As boys grow up during puberty, more and more boys focus on the opposite sex. Sexual desire and curiosity increase, masturbation and first sexual experiences usually already take place. In addition to tenderness, kissing and petting, teenagers are also increasingly experiencing their first sexual intercourse at this age. (The first time) Since the young people are now sexually mature, the topic moves prevention further into focus. 13/14-year-old boys should have access to condoms and know how to use them. Parents have the important task of educating people. more on the subject Educate boys
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