Is it easy to live alone

Why To be alone so important to our Wellbeing is

When was the last time I was really alone? A seemingly simple question, but one that really puzzled me.

By really being alone I mean: no television, no smartphone, no radio, no partner, no girlfriend who tells me about everyday experiences, no e-mails and no phone calls.

I came to the conclusion: That was quite a while ago.

Many of us may feel the same way in answering this question. Most people find it difficult to even notice their need for seclusion.

Some even dread spending time with themselves.

Not only the hectic pace of everyday life and our fast-paced world are decisive, but also our environment and society. This is also because being alone has a damned bad reputation. Few people like to be seen in public unaccompanied. The fear of being perceived as an outsider or even a weirdo is one of the reasons.

An additional obstacle is arguably the amount of Obligationsand tasks as well as the dailySocial media program, that in total can eat up two to three hours of our waking time a day. With all these distractions and to-dos, we put time with us, the so-called "me-time", on the back burner. It's actually a shame when you consider how many positive effects being alone brings with it.

Gifts of solitude

The result of qualitative me-times are feelings of happiness that have a lasting positive effect on our lives. One thing is clear: depending on the type, the need for loneliness is different. But it is also so that one learn to be consciously alone can.

And here are the reasons why we should start adding more I-times to our calendars:

  • When alone relaxed both the body as well as that brain. So the distraction-free zone provides us with new energy. We are then more focused and productive again.
  • Those who learn to go through life on their own usually get one very quickly good access to his feelings and needs. In everyday life, we often focus on what others expect of us. Being alone makes us aware of what we think, feel and need for ourselves. So we also learn what we really long for and what desires are still dormant in us.
  • While loneliness can be a cause of depressive moods, conscious I-time is even a form of medicine and helps To prevent mood lows.
  • Being alone also often leads to our Bringing creative cells back to life. While in hectic everyday life we ​​always have a scribbled sheet of paper in front of us, figuratively speaking, the sheet is white when we are alone. Creativity needs space. And we often find this place when we are completely with ourselves.
  • Being alone strengthens self-confidence. With Me-Time you not only get to know yourself better, but you also learn to appreciate yourself more. Your own company is becoming more and more pleasant. In addition, you no longer learn to depend solely on positive feedback from other people.

More time for me

Cool thing, but what to do when time is already too short in every nook and cranny? A good time management must be here! Because if I don't consciously enter my me-time in the calendar like an appointment, it almost never happens.

So I plan a week in advance. I enter at least one to two full hours in the calendar and prioritize this date with the catchphrase: IMPORTANT. If the calendar is already full, I go through the to-dos of the week and keep the following question in mind: Which of them can I cross because it is not as important as I am? With this scheme I then say goodbye for the time being to some obligations that are not as urgent as one would like to believe.

And what do I do with myself then? A few years ago, I actually couldn't have answered that question.

I can think of a thousand things now. A good sign that you can train to be alone and enjoy it better and better over time. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sit down in a cozy café with a notepad and listen to your own thoughts.
  • A walk in the woods where you are also allowed to hug trees.
  • Visiting an exhibition.
  • Grab the camera and carefully stroll through the alleys and paths in the area.
  • Take a long hot bath.
  • Cook for yourself.
  • Let the music wash over you.
  • Go on a meditation or a fantasy journey.
  • Make a collage that shows your personal wishes for the future.
  • Read my blog.


Dating yourself regularly is a wonderful step to having a more fulfilling relationship with the most important thing of all: yourself.