Indigestion causes constipation or vice versa

When digestion causes problems

Indigestion and possible symptoms

Digestion is a highly complex system. That is why there are several levels where something can “go wrong”. A healthy digestive process breaks down food into its individual components in two main ways. Mechanically (e.g. through chewing and gastrointestinal movements) as well as chemically and enzymatically by stomach acid and enzymes.
If there are food intolerances or intolerances, these mechanisms and digestion are significantly disrupted. It may even cause allergic reactions such as swelling, rashes and shortness of breath.

Did you know that the gastrointestinal tract is in constant contact with almost all other important organs, especially the brain? The lively exchange between the body parts takes place via one of the most important nerve pathways in humans, the vagus nerve. The so-called abdominal brain sends even more information to the brain via this channel than the other way around. This means that all the signals that the stomach and intestines send to the head can have a far-reaching impact on general well-being and even the immune system. Impaired digestion can quickly upset the entire inner balance. Vice versa, this unfortunately also means: Overstimulation, stress or a bad mental state can also have an unfavorable effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
To prevent that from happening, it is important not to lose sight of the stomach and intestines and to support digestion when it needs outside help. In such a case, the digestive tract usually becomes noticeable through typical disorders and complaints, such as:

• Stomach pain

• Feeling of fullness

• Stomach cramps

• Flatulence

• Stomach pain

• Heartburn

• Nausea - sometimes vomiting

Although gastrointestinal complaints are often harmless from a medical point of view, such digestive problems can be extremely stressful and severely limit the quality of life - especially if they persist over a longer period of time. Often a number of complaints occur at the same time. That is why holistic treatment approaches and comprehensive drugs are so valuable.