What is OSS BSS

What is BSS OSS?

An OSS (operational support system) is used in the field of telecommunications and is a special system that supports automated processes. Since the services of telecommunications companies are becoming more diverse and the requirements are increasing, such systems are being used more and more often. In many cases an OSS is combined with a BSS (Business Support System) in order to better regulate the traffic with the customers.

OSS and BSS in detail

OSS Modern services such as IPTV, Voice over IP and other IP-based services are used more and more in Germany and are very difficult to manage manually. In such cases, intelligent OSS are used as a solution, which can solve various processes automatically. This modern technology saves telecommunications companies a great deal of effort and is even better able to provide their customers with individual solutions. BSS The business support systems are primarily designed for communication with the numerous customers and take on very important tasks nowadays. Among other things, order processing, invoicing and payments are handled via these systems. Since the special services naturally also have to be billed, BSSs are increasingly being used in combination with an operational support system.

BBS and OSS in combination

advantages The OSS system has special OSS software and is designed to function very independently. All important systems and processes are brought together in an OSS and a very well-functioning unit is created. In combination with a BSS, the OSS can react immediately and individually to the various customers, saving the company a lot of time and work. disadvantage The BSS-OSS systems can be maintained by companies remotely, but errors and problems are relatively difficult and time-consuming to eliminate. Companies are completely dependent on technology and must also be able to trust it. Furthermore, these companies need very well trained employees who can react quickly to customer requests and other incidents. The personnel costs in this area are of course very high. Conclusion Without OSS systems, some services would be relatively difficult to implement and would probably become a lot more expensive for customers. The special systems are very complex and rely entirely on automation. If this is no longer guaranteed or if errors occur, many areas fail at once. A BSS also enables very simple billing and, in combination with an OSS, becomes an important tool.