Why are people afraid of me

What goes on in people who are afraid of being vaccinated?

Status: 03/18/2021 9:42 a.m.

Fear is a very powerful feeling and controls our decisions. Against the background of the corona vaccination, NDR Schleswig-Holstein spoke to a psychiatrist about it.

Everyone has a different view of the world. When it comes to the corona vaccination, some feel relief, others are skeptical. According to the latest report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on vaccination readiness, 66.8 percent of those questioned said they should "definitely get vaccinated". 3.9 percent of those questioned stated that they "never get vaccinated". The recent AstraZeneca vaccination freeze certainly contributed to heightened concerns. Certainly some people are even dominated by a feeling of fear.

Fear is used to assess dangers

Arno Deister often deals with the feeling of fear in his everyday professional life. It is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychosomatic specialist and neurologist. He is currently the chief physician of the Center for Psychosocial Medicine at the Itzehoe Clinic and teaches at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel. "Fear is the most exciting human feeling there is. It is more complex than almost any other feeling," says Professor Deister. Especially with regard to function: "First of all, fear is something that protects us," says the doctor. From an evolutionary point of view, feeling has always served as a regulator for assessing danger, he explains. Even in the current situation with regard to a vaccination decision, the feeling fulfills exactly this function.

Too much fear can block

But fear can also become a problem and cloud the view of things: "Fear is always too much when it no longer protects us. [...] For example, fear can block us," says Professor Deister. Or misperceive dangers. As an example, he cites an exam situation: "If I am not afraid of this exam, then I am not studying. Then I fail. If I am too afraid of the exam, I am completely blocked and also fail." The challenge is getting the right dose.

VIDEO: Deister: "Fear is the most exciting human feeling" (20 min)

How do you conquer fear?

According to Deister, the perception of fear is very different - depending on many factors such as one's own personality and individual experience. Fear can slip away. But fear can also be controlled and overcome. First, according to Deister, one should raise awareness of fear. "I realize that I am afraid and that I can be afraid. And that it is perfectly normal to be afraid," explains the psychiatrist. The thought that other people are also afraid also helps, as you don't have the feeling of being alone with it. But the most important thing is to get information, because that gives you security. A sensible vaccination decision can then be made on the basis of knowledge.

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