When were the first fire brigade units created

The history of the association

The fight against fire hazards has been a challenge for people for centuries. The development of fire services as we understand it today began in the middle of the 19th century. In 1846 Christian Hengst (Durlach / Karlsruhe) founded the Pompiers Corps Durlach - one of the first volunteer fire brigades. In quick succession, further weirs were founded in southwest Germany.

It quickly became clear that a common, higher-level organization was necessary for these defenses. As a result of this development, the 120 volunteer fire brigades of the Kingdom of Württemberg organized the 1st Württemberg State Fire Brigade Day in Stuttgart as early as 1863. This resulted in the establishment of the first fire brigade association in Germany, the Württemberg Fire Brigade Association, on September 7, 1863, with Conrad Dietrich Magirus (Ulm) as chairman. The active performance of the association was evident right from the start, when the revision of the fire extinguishing regulations from 1808, which was still in force, was requested during the 1st State Fire Brigade Day.

The Baden state fire brigade association was founded on December 6, 1863 in Lahr and Carl Stempf (Karlsruhe) was elected as chairman. On the 2nd Association Day in 1867, the Baden State Fire Brigade Association formulated its next goal to promote fire extinguishing in general and to consolidate the merger of the fire brigades with one another.

Relatively late, the authorities in the Hohenzollern region (from the former principalities of Sigmaringen and Hechingen) came up with regulations on the fire-fighting service. Subsequently, the Hohenzollern Fire Brigade Association was founded in 1924 with chairman Josef Schmid (Hechingen).

Due to the political developments during the National Socialist period and the consequences of the Second World War, the establishment and further development of the associations largely came to a standstill. Under the difficult conditions in the post-war period, it was possible in 1951 to found the state association of fire brigades in Württemberg and Hohenzollern, which two years later organized the 1st German Fire Brigade Day in Ulm. On December 17, 1952, the Baden Fire Brigade Association was re-established in Achern. In 1955, the North Baden Fire Brigade Association was formed in Weinheim in North Baden.

When the first government of the new federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg began its work in 1952, initial talks began as early as 1953 between the heads of the fire brigade associations who tried to merge to form a state fire brigade association of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

At the 1st Baden-Württemberg State Fire Brigade Day in Aalen in 1955, the surprise was great, when the Baden Association declared that the time for a merger was still too early.

The territorial and administrative reform of 1970 also led to radical changes in Baden-Württemberg. The old municipal and administrative district boundaries, and thus also the districts of the fire brigade associations, were dissolved and reunited.

The President of the German Fire Brigade Association, Albert Bürger, took these changes as an opportunity to call on the associations, after 20 years of existence of the state of Baden-Württemberg, to finally understand the unity of the fire brigades and to unite them in the interests of a strong joint representation of the fire brigades at state and federal level to form a unified state fire brigade association.

Thanks to the dedicated support of the two association chairmen Karl Rode (Ludwigsburg) and Egon Leible (Lörrach), it was possible to dissolve the original two associations on December 31, 1972 and to found a joint state fire brigade association on December 2, 1972 in Böblingen. President Albert Bürger (Zimmer) was elected chairman. The association started its business on January 1, 1973.

The next presidents of Albert Bürger were Rolf Englerth (Ellwangen) in 1984 and Dr. Frank Knödler (Stuttgart).