What are some ClickFunnels examples

Clickfunnels experience & test (2021): Is the 100 € worth it?

Today's test and the experience of clickfunnels are divided into 2 parts:

Part 1 = Experience and overview

Part 2 = Instructions to start yourself

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is in German Sales funnel. So the process by a prospect becomes a paying customer.

Upselling is an important part of the funnel mentality. The "deeper" the customer is in the funnel, the more valuable products can be offered to this customer.

A conceptual sales funnel looks like this for example:

My expectations of clickfunnels

I created a clickfunnels account in April 2021 and I have to say I was very excited because I saw the software in use by so many successful online entrepreneurs.

Here times some examples:

  • Dan Henry (Over $ 10M + with clickfunnels)
  • Dan Lok (Over $ 10 million + with clickfunnels)
  • Bauling Brothers (Over $ 1M with clickfunnels)
  • Kevin David (Over $ 10 million with clickfunnels)
  • Max Tornow (Over $ 1 million with clickfunnels)

There are hundreds of such winners of the so-called 2 comma clubs ($ 1M sold with a funnel).

Here are the real numbers from the last few years:

  • 2017 = 85 winners
  • 2018 = 270 winners
  • 2019 = 119 winners
  • 2020 = 263 winners

In 2020 alone, almost 300 people managed to generate 1 million euros in sales with the clickfunnels software!

In all honesty, that motivates !!!

But then there is still that 8 Figure Club. In which the members generated over $ 10 million.

As if that weren't enough, there's that on top of that Two Comma Club C. with 4 steps, which starts at $ 25 million and goes up to $ 100 million.

Is that all supposed to be possible with this software? Hard to believe, but true!

As you can easily see, clickfunnels has one very strong reputation and accordingly my expectations have been very high.

The platform costs a little over € 80 per month even in the entry-level model (more on this in the review), which makes a considerable difference compared to Chimpify at only € 29 (the best platform for bloggers, in my opinion).

So much of this test is devoted to the question:

Is it worth the € 100 per month for clickfunnels?

Or do you as an online marketer somehow get around the software?

So let's get started now:

Entry into the platform

After reading Traffic Secrets and Expert Secrets, I just had to try out clickfunnels myself.

It was clear to me that I had to host my online course on SEO and blogging on a funnel, and thanks to the reputation of clickfunnels, the platform came to mind relatively quickly.

I did at that time too Podia tested (one of the best platforms for online courses) and can therefore make a really good comparison.

The Clickfunnels introductory call

Clickfunnels offers one Call an employee onwho shows you exactly the software in a group call.

I was happy to take advantage of the offer, even if the platform was relatively self-explanatory and after what felt like 10 minutes I already got a feel for the surface.

The introduction has mainly on four things based:

  1. Connect domain with clickfunnels
  2. Connect email with clickfunnels
  3. Build in payment options
  4. & Where can you find more information yourself.

In itself a very good and helpful introduction, where you could ask questions!

Below I will explain step-by-step how you can start with clickfunnels yourself.

Functions of Clickfunnels - briefly explained

Clickfunnels is software that helps you to market your products / services or affiliate links on the Internet and to offer the maximum added value.

The concept of clickfunnels is simple:

1) There is a landing page on which the prospect lands.

2) On this page you inform the interested party in most cases by video and show why they should buy a product / service or simply leave their email.

The platform is so popular because the message is conveyed very simply and clearly and therefore often has higher conversions in the end and thus more leads and sales in the end.

Upselling and cross-selling is also extremely easy with clickfunnels, which further increases the sales potential.

Clickfunnel Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels is largely known for its affiliate program.

The reason why the program is so popular is that you can get up to 40% commission receives!
At the beginning you start with 20% commission and then work your way up to 40% after a few sales via your own link.

At an entry-level price of $ 97 / month, that's a full $ 38 per person.
So this can be very profitable for all affiliate marketers among you!

Here you can see for yourself and promote clickfunnels!

I'm going my experiences on the subject of affiliate marketing share with you in this series of emails. You will get all the lessons and tips for free as soon as I go live with the email series!

We are talking about cash, which I am giving you herewith and saving + faster successes ...
(The email series is not yet finished, you can still register!)

Criticism of Clickfunnels

I find it difficult to criticize this platform, since I know that you can be very successful with it, all points of criticism are rather secondary.

For example, I didn't like the website builder nearly as much as Chimpify's (my all-time favorite after Elementor, Divi, Weebly and Co ...). I often had problems getting the result that I imagined.

On the other hand, this is also an advantage, because the builder is simplified, so you don't have as much distraction and you get to the finished funnel quickly.

The price of the basic version is decent when you consider that competitor FunnelCockpit advertises with almost half, with a slightly slimmed-down version (no webinar, no split test, etc.).

But I couldn't find anything really negative in my test.

Conclusion - is Clickfunnels worth it?

I really liked the software! (More on the details of the software)

I know how important the concept of funnels is so that you can survive in tough competition, because if you don't upsell, you simply can't keep up with the advertising prices.

I'll be testing other funnel builders over time before making a final decision like, for example FunnelCockpit, but up to this point, I have to say clickfunnels is absolutely convincing and I'm currently sure that I would be in good hands with the software with my digital products.

You have instructions and great support. If you have no problem with English, clickfunnels is the right address to build a successful sales funnel.

In principle, clickfunnels is worthwhile for anyone who wants to sell something on the Internet, unless it is to become a kind of e-commerce shop.

Clickfunnels is great for selling the following products and services:

  • Your online course
  • Your book (digital or not, both works)
  • Your coaching / consulting program
  • Your email course
  • Your affiliate products
  • Your live or pre-recorded webinar
  • A summit
  • Grow your email list
  • Your MasterMind group
  • & much more

My final decision on the question clickfunnels vs FunnelCockpit (German provider) I will share it on this blog and on YouTube, so stay tuned!

Instructions for clickfunnels

Here in this section I am walking with you Step by step and show you how to start your first funnel!

I hope you are ready

Then let's get started!

At this point I would also recommend the free 5-day lead challenge from Russel Brunson! It's completely free and you will learn some really valuable tips on how to get off to a better start.

1. Clickfunnels Dashboard

The first thing you land on after logging in is the clickfunnels dashboard.

This is the start page from which you can reach everything.

This is what the dashboard looks like at Clickfunnels:

You have 3 points at the top of the menu:

  1. ClickFunnels
  2. Follow-up funnels
  3. Backpack

But 90% of this is in the Clickfunnels area, because that's where you build your miracle machine, which is supposed to generate a customer, leads or sales.

2. Funnel Flix

FunnelFlix = Netflix for funnels

To the right of the dashboard, you can also see FunnelFlix, where you can complete trainings and really find all the important topics. These resources are very valuable. I haven't worked through all of the resources, but whenever Russel starts with a topic, I "click" and I learn something new.

If anyone knows how to sell on the internet, it is Russel Brunson ...

3. Build a funnel

If you don't know what a funnel is, you should take a close look at my explanation.

Clickfunnels was founded by Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson in 2013 to turn the world of online sales upside down.

Clickfunnels is the absolute market leader when it comes to sales funnels on the Internet and if you develop an eye for it, you will see how often the software is really used!

Building your own funnel is really easy and intuitive with Clickfunnels.

First of all, you have to define your plan, because there are funnels for different reasons. There are three main categories of a sales funnel at clickfunnels:

  1. Collect email addresses
  2. Sell ​​your product
  3. Host a webinar

You then have different types of funnels within these categories.

These are, for example, all ways to collect email addresses:

I can't go into every way, you should just take a look at the platform for yourself.

For this I recommend:
One Funnel Away Challenge

In which Russell explains step-by-step how you can get straight to financial freedom with your first funnel. I have not yet tested the challenge myself, but have read very good experiences about it.

Here you can sign up.

4. Lead magnet funnel

The most common funnel for e-mails is definitely the one Lead magnet funnel.

Lead magnet = Reason why someone should leave their email for example a free e-book, webinar, video etc.

Once you've decided on a funnel, clickfunnels gives you a wide range of templates. These are already finished funnels, which you then simply have to adapt to your brand and fill with your information and messages.

Dead easy.

There are free and paid templates. The free templates were more than enough for me at this point!

Building the funnel with a modular system is absolutely no problem for people without code knowledge, but you should be able to speak English.

Another really good funnel is this Evergreen webinar at clickfunnels.

A webinar is an absolute must, especially for higher-priced products, and converts much better than anything else on the market because it is the best way to get the message across.

Russel shows you his perfect webinar formula here.

5. Save templates

You can then also create templates yourself and then simply copy them, which makes it much easier to work.

How to create a template:

1. Click on "Save" at the top right.

2. You can find this template again under the respective category under "My Rows" or "My Sections":

This function is absolutely essential, especially with the footers and headers!

6. Connect domain at clickfunnels

You should definitely buy your own domain.

Here I am comparing the 41 best web hosting companies.

This is how you connect your purchased domain with clickfunnels:

1. First you have to go to the settings on the top right:

Then on the Domain section:

There is also an explanatory video there.

In principle, you have to go to the DNS settings of the domain provider and enter clickfunnels in the CNAME entry.

This is what it looks like with my provider:

But that is only the redirection of the www. Domain.

For your domain without www. you should then set up a forwarding to www. Domain. If you have problems with this, your support at the domain provider will usually help you with it.

7. Upload the favicon

Then you should also upload your .ico, otherwise the branding is not complete.

Your .ico file should be your logo, which will then be seen at the top of the tabs.

Here's an example:

That are all .ico files of websites.

Here you can convert your logo into an .ico file: Tool

You can then upload the logo to the "Digital Assets" in the account settings:

Then you can insert the link to this digital asset in the settings of the respective funnel:

Your domain is already connected and you have set your branding.

8. Create a homepage

A bit confusing is that you should create a homepage funnel for a homepage of your website.

So this is how you proceed step-by-step:

  1. Click on "Clickfunnels" above
  2. Then go to "Build Funnel"
  3. Select the home page funnel.

With this homepage funnel you can then design your homepage however you want.

If you want to insert a navigation above with a logo, then it works as follows:

  1. Insert a section.
  2. Then add a row to this section.
  3. On the far left you can then insert your logo as an image.
  4. Next to it you have to insert the navigation element.

This element allows you to easily link your other pages.

This is how my navigation at Marketing-Profit looks, for example:

If you are then happy with your homepage, then there is one more thing you have to do.

  1. Go to your account settings.
  2. Go to "Domains"
  3. Open the settings for your domain.
  4. Go to "Default Page"
  5. Edit that and use the home page funnel.

If you named your funnel page "start" in the permalink, then you are leading yours www.example.de at www.example.de/start and everyone lands on your homepage.

Here is an example from me:

And in my domain settings I then forward to this funnel:

9. Include tracking

If you want to integrate tracking codes such as the Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics, this is very easy with clickfunnels.

To do this, simply go to the options of the funnel and then paste your tracking code into the Head HTML box:

Set up a popup

PopUps achieve higher conversions and therefore more sales or registered emails. Now comes the good news. The pop-up function at clickfunnels works absolutely perfectly!

This is how you build your popup on:

  1. Go on one step of your funnel.
  2. When editing this step, you will then see the PopUp button at the top.

Then you click on "Edit Settings".

There you can design your PopUp as usual.

I would definitely recommend this feature to you "Show on Exit" to activate.

This means that the pop-up pops up as soon as a user tries to leave the website.

This function will help you enormously with your conversions!

Now you have your first own funnel, I really hope my experience and introduction helped you!

If you have any questions, please write a comment or give me a call and I'll show you a few more tricks by zooming in, yes That's for free and pure added value from my side!

What am I hoping for?

I hope that with the amount of added value that I give, you will use my link to clickfunnels after this article or Zoom-Call, IF you decide to use this software.

The price for you stays the same and I get some resources to keep producing good content for you, so it's a win-win.

That's it from me today!


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