What are the types of games of chance

What types of games of chance are there?

Gambling is a generic term for a whole range of games. Many types of gambling are known, others are hidden in everyday life and are underestimated as gambling. And above all, there is already a very long tradition for games of chance, as a look at the history of games of chance shows. People have been fascinated by playing with chance for many thousands of years.

How is gambling defined?

A game of chance is a game that is not dominated by skill, but whose outcome is controlled by chance. Chance has a different role depending on the game. There are of course different types of gambling.

In pure games of chance, such as roulette and various other dice games, the player has no influence. In games in which the player can actively trade, such as poker or blackjack, chance plays a smaller role.

If you take the example of the lottery, this is a pure game of chance. The player can choose the numbers, but the numbers are drawn at random and the outcome is completely left to chance.

Types of games of chance

Most equate gambling with casino. There are many other types of games of chance. Roulette, Black Jack and also various slot machines are clearly games of chance. There is disagreement as to whether or not poker should also be considered a game of chance. For many, this is a game of skill, similar to a sport.

Although most casino games are the first to mention when asked about gambling, they are by no means the most popular types of gambling. This falls under the lottery field. Almost everyone has already filled out a lottery ticket, bought a scratch card or participated in a raffle. And that although the probability of winning the lottery is negligible.

The list of games of chance goes on and on, including games like bingo.

Risk of addiction in gambling

Of all types of games of chance, the risk of addiction in casino games is arguably the highest, and because of the high loss of money also the most dangerous. The thrill of gambling increases the risk of addiction. In roulette, you bet on a number or color.

If the ball is then thrown into the cauldron, the possibility of profit or loss puts you in tense anticipation. In this phase, the body pours out increased adrenaline and you get a kick, similar to a drug intoxication. You want to achieve this feeling again and again by playing again.

The false belief that one can win back the money that has already been lost closes the vicious circle of gambling addiction. The problem of addiction is also increased by the Internet. Gambling is not only offered in casinos, but also on the Internet.

In online casinos there are many bonus promotions advertised, and since almost everyone has internet access these days, escaping addiction is even more difficult.