What is a potluck dinner

What actually is a potluck party?

"Topfglück" is an American way of celebrating in which each guest brings a small dish. Here you can find background information and the best recipes.

"Topfglück" - that's the literal translation - is a US custom that, in my opinion, should gain a foothold in this country! At potluck parties, for example a summer barbecue or the Christmas party in the office, each guest brings a dish. This takes the strain off the host, offers the eater a wide choice and awakens the ambition of the chefs: Which bowl is most likely empty, who is asked most often for the recipe, which dessert looks the most delicious?

What do I have to pay attention to as a host at the potluck party?

The fact that you, as the host, do not know exactly who is bringing what, is what makes a potluck so appealing. Nevertheless, you should roughly specify which dishes you need: Four fruit desserts, but no salad is far from ideal! It is best to distribute cards with labels such as starter, soup, fish, meat, poultry, side dish, salad or dessert to the potluck guests.

Which dishes are good for an American potluck?

If you are invited to a potluck event as a guest, you should prepare a dish that can be cooked in advance. You shouldn't have to use the hostess's kitchen except for heating. Food that is easy to transport and still tastes lukewarm is ideal. So you better save the souffle for another occasion - opt for finger food (see the empanadas above), salads, casseroles or dishes in general that cook in a single saucepan, for example chilli or gratinated meat. Creams and biscuits such as brownies or mini cheesecakes (see below) are ideal desserts, and dips, chips and vegetable sticks as starters.

By the way: You don't have to prepare your dish for 25 or even 50 people when you're invited to a large potluck party. The hostess has hopefully given a sufficient number of guests notes so that afterwards a large selection of dishes - in smaller quantities - is available on the buffet. Everyone can then taste everything.

My favorite USA recipes for the potluck party

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