What you had done yesterday

What you had done yesterday?

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1 What you had done yesterday?

2 I slept

3 I was lazy.

4 I learned a new game.

5 I ate pizzza

6 I drank a lot of soda.

7 I have seen a movie.

8 I chilled out with my friends.

9 I've read.

10 I played piano

11 I was listening to music

12 I did homework

13 I got a handi.

14 I've been watching TV.

15 I danced with friends

16 I've been working

17 I bought apps

18 I was thinking

19 I had a dog

20 I've met

21 I got up late

22 I went to school

23 I went to basketball practice

24 I went snowboarding

25 I stayed at home

26 I swam

27 Past questions How was ......? What did you do / did? seen
eaten heard thought

28 What did you do?
last weekend last month yesterday evening last summer last week