Vietnam is poorer than Cambodia and Laos

Cambodia New beginning after decades of violence

The recent history of Cambodia is marked by war, civil war and extreme human suffering: During the Vietnam War, the country was bombed in order to destroy the enemy's refuge areas and supply routes. After that, from 1975 to 1979, around 1.7 million people fell victim to the terror regime of the Khmer Rouge. Almost the entire intellectual elite of Cambodia was murdered and the infrastructure completely destroyed. In 1979 Vietnam occupied the country and the Khmer Rouge started a guerrilla war. Free elections did not take place again until 1993. The decade-long civil war did not actually end until the beginning of 1999, after the last fighters of the Khmer Rouge surrendered.

Cambodia has achieved considerable development successes in recent years. But in order to secure this in the long term, the government would have to initiate a series of political reforms and implement them consistently. Challenges lie in particular in the areas of democracy, the separation of powers and the rule of law, human rights, public administration, justice, finance and the fight against widespread corruption.

Development cooperation

Germany accompanies Cambodia in its development and democratization process. The most important topics of development cooperation are regional economic development, the development of the health system and the promotion of democracy, civil society (call up the encyclopedia entry for the term) * and public administration. The German government also supports the work of the Khmer Rouge war crimes tribunal, which is legally investigating the genocide.