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Our village has a future

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The 11th Saxon state competition "Our village has a future" is again looking for village communities who are committed to their place with ideas and commitment and want to compete with others.

The registration period will be extended to November 30, 2021 due to the corona-related restrictions.

The district competitions will take place in spring 2022, the state competition in autumn 2022 and the national competition in 2023.

The sponsor of the competition is the Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development.

The Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology accompanies the entire competition.

The competition “Our village has a future” motivates rural people to help determine the future of their villages and to get involved in the economic, social, cultural and ecological development of their village. The diverse development initiatives in the villages are presented and recognized.

Saxon villages can take part as spatially closed places with up to 3,000 inhabitants. Several villages in a municipality can compete separately from one another. Those villages that have already participated in previous competitions are expressly invited to participate.

The municipalities and cities register their participating villages online by November 30, 2021 at the responsible district office. In coordination with the municipality / city, a local committee (e.g. local council, homeland association, working group) can act as the contact person for the competition and take over the organization.

Parts of villages (e.g. only the Unterdorf), historical village centers embedded in cities and the districts of independent cities are not eligible to participate.

The competition runs over three levels.

The District competitionsbecome in spring 2022 carried out by the district offices, which determine the procedural details individually.

At the State competition in autumn 2022 the highest placed in the district competitions take part. The number of qualified villages depends on the number of participants in the district:

  • 2 to 5 participants 1 village in the state competition
  • more than 5 participants 2 villages in the state competition
  • more than 10 participants 3 villages in the state competition.

The state competition is organized by the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology, which is also the point of contact for the entire village competition.

At the Federal competition 2023, which is awarded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the highest placed in the state competition take part. The number of these depends on the total number of all villages that previously took part in the district competitions in Saxony:

  • up to 50 participants 1 village in the national competition
  • from 51 to 150 participants 2 villages in the national competition
  • from 151 to 300 participants 3 villages in the national competition.

The focus of the competition is the commitment of the residents to make life in the village more attractive and to strengthen the village community. What is decisive is what the citizens, associations and companies achieve on their own initiative and in cooperation with other districts or the municipality / city and in regional cooperation. It should be made clear which goals the people have set for their village and how these are implemented according to the motto: "What have we achieved so far - what are we doing for the future?"

No “model villages” are sought - the decisive factor is not primarily the level reached and the external appearance of the place, but the will and commitment of the residents to sustainably promote the development of their place. The performance of the villages is assessed against the background of their respective starting position and the possibilities of influencing village development.

During on-site visits, the competition commissions staffed by experts consider the following Valuation areas:

  • Development concepts and economic initiatives
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Building design and settlement development
  • Green design and the village in the landscape

Overall assessment: The four assessment areas are weighted equally and, taking into account the individual initial situation, form the overall assessment. In all areas, the focus is on the commitment and independent performance of the village community.

A Summary and explanation of the assessment areas with corresponding key questions is available under the following link:

In the district competitions, the prizes are set by the district offices.

The winners in the state competition will be awarded with

  • 1st place: 5,000 EUR
  • 2nd place: 4,000 EUR
  • 3rd place: 3,000 EUR.

In addition, exemplary individual achievements can be recognized with special prizes. A special award is given for the barrier-free design of public facilities and facilities.

All unplaced villages receive financial recognition for the commitment of the village community. The competition results are documented and published.

The villages participating in the national competition are honored in three categories and receive prize money

  • for gold 15,000 euros
  • for silver 10,000 euros
  • for bronze 5,000 euros.

In addition, the jury can award special prizes of 3,000 euros each, thereby highlighting initiatives.

The award of the villages will be celebrated with a ceremony as part of the International Green Week 2024 in Berlin.

The awarding of the placements and prizes is decided by competition committees to which experts for all assessment areas are appointed by the respective implementing bodies. The decisions of the competition commissions are final and incontestable. The judges' decision is final.

An information event for interested villages is expected to take place in summer 2021. The appointment will be announced in time.

Practical tips from the state winner 2018 can be requested from the mayor of Waldkirchen / Vogtland, Ron Bauer: [email protected]

It's worth taking part - your village wins in any case:

  • Prices for the best villages and the opportunity to ...
  • draw the balance - We achieved that. That is what sets us apart.
  • Appreciate commitment - Thanks to everyone who is involved in the village.
  • Strengthen cohesion - we pull together.
  • Mark out goals - that's where we want to go.
  • exchange experiences with other villages and experts
  • Become better known - maybe even across Saxony and Germany.

Image video for the Saxon state competition "Our village has a future"

Practical experience of the Görlitz District Office with the competition "Our village has a future"

Rammenau - experiences of a "gold village"

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