Can a gas gun kill someone?

Why Blank Guns Can Kill

Third. The computer science student Carolin Matthie also contributed to the acute bottleneck. The 24-year-old lives in Adlershof and feels unsafe on the street in the evenings, especially since Cologne. If there were elections now, she says, she would make her mark with the AfD. Carolin Matthie has bought a blank gun and raves about it in YouTube videos, search for “Guns n Girls, tips for self-defense”. She has chosen the market leader, the Walther P99. She wears the gun in a holster on her belt. At home in Adlershof, she regularly stands in front of the mirror and practices drawing and reloading her gun. “So that I don't have to fumble around for a long time in an emergency. So that it becomes a smooth movement. ”There was never an emergency. Once, she says, a group of men ran after her. They said things that they couldn't understand acoustically, but it sounded threatening. If the guys had got closer, says Matthie, they would have pulled the P99.

Mothers ask: isn't it too dangerous with children?

Since she put her videos on the net, women have often contacted her and said: I want that too. Older people who no longer dare to go out into the street at night without a man or a dog. Mothers who would like to have a blank gun but are worried about the children - wouldn't that be too dangerous? Fortunately there are holsters that can be tucked into the pants, Matthie then replies. It's uncomfortable, but no child can get hold of it. The holsters are very popular in the USA.

According to Carolin Matthie, one cannot leave the field to the perpetrators.

Fourth. Compared to sharp weapons, blank guns are considered harmless. You don't have to attend a course to get the small gun license. It is often said that you cannot kill without a bullet. Wrong, says Martin Gneißl.

The 35-year-old works at the Berlin State Criminal Police Office on Tempelhofer Damm in the “Competence Center for Forensic Technology”, weapon technology department. The windows of his office face the inner courtyard, weapons are finally stored in the wing, many weapons. They are located in pull-out, head-high wall cupboards. The collection includes war weapons from World War II, hunting rifles, shooting pens. Martin Gneißl needs the different types for his reports. He tests weapons, examines ammunition, calculates bullet channels and measures projectile speeds. Gneißl is asked for advice when, for example, a defendant claims that he did not shoot his victim, that the shot came off by itself. The expert then examines the weapon and checks: Can that be?

Blank guns, says Gneißl, are one of the "most underrated branches of weapon ever". Not only that they can make a person blind, they are also "potentially lethal", i.e. fatal. Especially when they are held directly to someone's head. The air that is pressed through the barrel when the shot is fired comes out of the muzzle at 3000 kilometers per hour and is around 1500 degrees.

Gneißl and his colleagues test in the shooting laboratory what which type of weapon does with which caliber. Because neither body parts nor animals may be used for the experiments, they fire at soap or gelatine blocks. If you mix 90 percent water with ten percent gelatine and cool the whole thing to four degrees, the resistance corresponds to that of human muscle meat. Blank guns, says Gneißl, can cause serious injuries. Fired at close range, they can rupture carotid arteries and heart muscles. When held against the temple, the pressure is enough to deform the brain.

Hard to distinguish from the original

The expert doubts that alarm weapons are suitable for self-defense. If only because they are mostly replicas that can only be distinguished from the original, i.e. the sharp variant, if you look closely from close proximity. “If you pull a blank gun in public, or if it is even peeking out of your coat, what do the people around you think? Rampage or terrorist attack. ”The police might think so too. In recent years, several robbers have been shot dead by officials in Berlin because their drawn alarm pistols were believed to be active.

Gneißl takes two pistols from his weapon collection and puts them on the desk. One is a CZ 75, made in the Czech Republic, the other is a replica of the alarm gun. "You can only tell them apart", says Martin Gneißl, "you can only use this little embossing here." The letters PTB are four centimeters above the fume cupboard. All alarm pistols legally sold in Germany are marked with this symbol in one place. It is the seal of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig, the German weapons TÜV. Impossible to pay attention to it in an emergency.

Fifth. If anyone can explain the advantages of weapons, it is Marc Schieferdecker. The 39-year-old is a marksman and founder of the "German Rifle Association", an interest group of German gun owners. Schieferdecker can quote studies according to which the number of violent crimes would decrease significantly if there were a sharp weapon in every German household. Children should also get used to weapons at an early age, he says: the more supervised contact in childhood, the less fantasy of violence in puberty. This thesis coincides with practical experience in German hunter and rifle families. As I said, Schieferdecker is a lobbyist.

His “German Rifle Association” fights for more people to own a sharp weapon and, if necessary, to use it. That is why the so-called principle of need should be abolished in German law: Anyone who wants a real firearm in the future should no longer have to prove that they are a hunter, a marksman or a public prosecutor threatened by the mafia.

And what does he say about blank guns?

“Everyone should have the right to run one. But I wouldn't recommend it to very few. ”They are rather unsuitable for self-defense, so one should rather buy CS gas. Because in an emergency, in a stressful situation, the human body is only capable of gross motor movements. Pull the gun and pull the trigger? Difficult without practice. In theory, says Schieferdecker, you can train on the shooting range. But the marksmen would not like to see that. The time slots at German shooting ranges are in great demand.

Just don't wiggle around

In no case, says Schieferdecker, should the layman in a self-defense situation pull out his alarm pistol and wave it around. “Just wanting to threaten is particularly dangerous. That leads to escalation. ”Because the attacker could then pull out a pistol or a knife himself. In the end he even got away with impunity because he could claim in court that he acted in self-defense, after all he was threatened with a deceptively real pistol. Schieferdecker says: If you buy a blank gun to protect yourself, you have to be determined to shoot with it. Then to take advantage of the element of surprise and run away.

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