Which wristwatches have a great resale value?

Watch collection: Get off to a good start with these watches

The purchase of the first luxury watch - and thus the start of a watch collection - usually marks an important phase in one's life: the graduation, the first own salary or the bonus after an important project. This makes it all the more difficult to make the “right” decision. We give tips on which watches are suitable for starting a watch collection and what you should pay attention to.

Well-known brand or small manufacturer?

There are watch brands that everyone knows, such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, Breitling and Omega. Then again there are manufacturers that are only known among watch enthusiasts, such as Nomos Glashütte, Fortis or Maurice Lacroix. These offer attractive timepieces at far more affordable prices.

Anyone who opts for a well-known model, such as a Rolex Submariner, can be more certain that friends and colleagues will appreciate and understand the investment made. The resale value of a classic watch could also be higher - collectors in particular should include this in their choice.

The aspects for the right choice are individual and also depend on the aim of the watch collection, e.g. B. acquire particularly lucrative watches as an investment, collect rare rarities or purchase a large selection for everyday use.

Discover watches as an investment, all personally recommended by Ralf Häffner, managing director and founder of Watch.de.

However, many models from the top watch brands are not affordable for all budgets. In addition, the availability of some models alone usually throws a spanner in the works. For these reasons, following our article, we also recommend inexpensive and lesser-known models - all of them watches with a top price-performance ratio.

What is the resale value?

A watch collection is alive - at least in our experience. Most watch collectors build their collections over many years, adding new models over and over again, and selling others to attract new investments. For this reason, it is important to consider the resale value of a branded watch, even if you cannot imagine selling your dream watch again.

Investing in high quality timepieces is generally an extremely attractive option. One of our best-known examples that makes the performance very clear is the Rolex Daytona Paul Newman. It was traded for around 1,000 DM in the 1970s. Today, well-preserved models can cost up to 500,000 euros.

However, the market availability of the Rolex Daytona is truly limited and used models are sometimes traded well above the list price. However, if you want to make your Rolex Daytona dream come true, you will discover various models available immediately at Watch.de.

When would you like to wear your watch?

There are different approaches to building a watch collection. For example, you can decide to collect only pilot's watches or diving watches. There is absolutely nothing against it. But if you like a little variety and like different types of watches, you should start with a collection that is as diverse as possible, covering both sporty and elegant models.

The first watch in your watch collection should fit into your everyday life because you will probably want to wear it as often as possible. However, an oversized diving watch does not fit into a business meeting and the dress watch looks out of place on the beach. So think about the occasions when you would most like to wear your first luxury watch.

Would you like a new or used watch?

Inexperienced watch collectors in particular like to opt for a new watch for their first luxury watch, because here there is absolute security in terms of authenticity and guarantee. On the other hand, there are also numerous reputable suppliers who offer certified second-hand watches. The range of products on offer is many times greater - and so is the chance of getting a special bargain. However, you should only consider a used model from a retailer that you really trust - especially when it comes to online retailing.

At watch.de you will receive an individual certificate including a valuation report for every watch and our “1000 days guarantee” from a purchase price of € 1,000.

We are a family company with more than 40 years of experience in the watch industry and are happy to help you start your watch collection: How about one of the following models?

5 tips to start your watch collection:

Rolex Submariner Date


The Rolex Submariner was developed in 1953 in collaboration with professional divers and is now one of the most famous luxury watches in the world. Thanks to its classic design, it goes just as well with a formal suit as it does with a beach outfit. As the ultimate diving watch, the Rolex Submariner has great potential for appreciation.

Hardly any other watch is more suitable for starting a watch collection than the legendary diving watch.

Discover the Rolex Submariner at Watch.de

This year Monaco Steve McQueen


Today, the Monaco Steve McQueen is a popular design classic with a high recognition value among connoisseurs. The square, waterproof automatic chronograph became famous and a cult object, primarily through the classic racing film “Le Mans” from 1970.

In 2009 TAG Heuer relaunched the iconic chronograph, replaced plexiglass with almost scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, improved water resistance and enlarged the case to 39 millimeters.

Anyone who loves watches with exciting background stories is guaranteed to enrich their watch collection with this model.

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Maurice Lacroix Aikon


When it comes to quality, workmanship and price, the Aikon hits the nerve with watch enthusiasts. Despite the company's short history, the watches from Maurice Lacroix are already among the best in Swiss craftsmanship internationally.
Its distinctive design with the unmistakable bezel, the case made of satined stainless steel, the blue dial with waffle pattern as well as the applied luminous indexes and luminous hands make this timepiece an eye-catcher.

With this watch you have a reliable companion for everyday life in your collection.

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Breitling Colt Blue


This model inspires with its young, dynamic style. A COSC-certified automatic chronometer caliber ticks in its robust steel case, water-resistant to 20 ATM. The Colt automatic is available in two sizes: with a diameter of 41 mm (dial in silver or gray) and 44 mm (in black or blue). The non-slip bezel guarantees optimal handling and the sapphire crystal, which is anti-reflective on both sides, makes this watch very robust.

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Fortis Pilot Classic


Functionally high-quality watches at an unbeatable price, that's what the Swiss watch manufacturer Fortis stands for. The Pilot Classic collection pays homage to the early years of FORTIS in the 1930s and 40s. Fortis pilot watches are now part of the equipment of international flight squadrons and we find - also ideal in a young watch collection. With the Fortis Pilot Classic you have a top quality chronograph at an affordable price of less than € 3,000.

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