What was the religion of Jesus Christ

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The Jew Jesus tells about God

Christianity is around 2000 years old. It developed from Judaism. The impetus for this was given by Jesus from Nazareth. He was a Jew and believed in God from the bottom of his heart. Jesus probably didn't want to found a new religion at all, he just wanted to pass on his own firm faith. So he went on a journey. Everywhere he told people about God and urged them to live according to his will. However, there are innumerable complicated laws and rules in Judaism. Some Jews interpreted the law in such a way that only scholars could understand them. Theologians suggest that Jesus wanted to make it easier for people to understand and live their faith. Perhaps that is why he limited himself to the most important things in his reports. His most important message was:

"Love God and your neighbor as yourself."

What did Jesus look like?

Nobody knows what Jesus looked like. But people imagine what he was like and they are allowed to do that in Christianity too. That is why there are very different images and figures of Jesus Christ. Up here he is depicted as a victor, here on the right as a child in the arms of his mother Maria.

Jesus on the move

On his wandering, Jesus not only delighted his listeners with exciting stories. He gave that to his followers as well Our Father. It is the most important prayer of Christians to this day. Jesus also cared for outcasts and it is reported that He healed the seriously ill. Some were so impressed that they finally found him Messiah King that is announced in the Jewish Bible. But not all Jews shared this opinion. So it came to an argument. And suddenly Jesus also had many enemies. Eventually he was even convicted by his opponents and on cross murdered.

Overcome death

It is reported that Jesus was put in a tomb after his death. From this he should risen and met his friends a few more times who had accompanied him on his wanderings. Jesus' closest confidants are called "apostles", his friends are his Younger. They later wrote down their experiences in the Second Testament. That's part of the Holy Scripture of Christians.