What percentage of people are happy?

survey: More and more Germans are happy

More and more people in Germany are happy with their lives. This goes from the current one Global Happiness Study (PDF) from the polling institute Ipsos. According to this, 78 percent of the adult respondents said they were happy - ten percentage points more than a year ago. Overall, the feeling of happiness in no other country has increased as in Germany in the past ten years.

In an international comparison, Germany ranks seventh among the happiest countries. The front runners are Australia and Canada. According to this, 86 percent of the people there are happy, and almost one in three even feels very happy.

However, happiness is declining worldwide. 64 percent of all respondents feel happy - a decrease of six percentage points compared to the previous study in February 2018. Since 2011 the feeling of happiness has decreased by 13 percentage points.

According to the survey, feelings of happiness have been declining since 2018, especially in Latin American countries. The values ​​fell the most in Argentina (22 percentage points), Chile (21 percentage points) and Brazil (12 percentage points). The last places in the international comparison are taken by Spain and Russia. There, only 46 or 47 percent of those surveyed describe themselves as happy.

According to the study, what makes people around the world happiest is their health and physical well-being. Their own children and the relationship with their partner, as well as the feeling that their own life has meaning, are also mentioned frequently. Half of Germans also consider health to be the greatest source of happiness. At 37 percent, their own children are mentioned less often than the international average.

For the study, a total of 20,327 people from 28 countries were interviewed online between May 24 and June 7, 2019. Around 1,000 people were interviewed in Germany and eleven other countries.