Regret moving to Germany

Equal rights when moving: US Open regret reprimand

French tennis player Alizé Cornet straightened her shirt, which was inadvertently put on the wrong way around during a heat break in the dressing room, after a rally on the pitch at the US Open. Because she stood briefly in her sports bra while quickly undressing and putting it on, the stunned Cornet received a heavily criticized and much-discussed warning from the referee - wrongly, as the organizers admitted. In a statement, they regretted the decision and were relieved that it had not resulted in any further consequences. All professionals are allowed to change their shirts when they are in their chair.

“When I woke up today, I didn't think the warning would become so famous. I couldn't play like that for the whole third set, ”Cornet said on Wednesday. “The referee may have been overwhelmed. I don't take it so tragically. "

The women's professional organization WTA called the warning unfair and emphasized that it was not based on a WTA rule, but on the rules of the Grand Slam tournaments. "The WTA was and will always be a pioneer for women and women's sport," it said.

Others became even clearer. "Ridiculous. Reason should win », said the former world number one Tracy Austin from the USA. "This rule is no longer up-to-date and impractical," wrote women's tennis icon Billie Jean King on Twitter. The German tennis player Tatjana Maria said after her second round off on Wednesday that she had just been instructed not to comment. Cornet would have been Angelique Kerber's second-round opponent in a win against the Swede Johanna Larsson on Thursday.