Healthy people ever eat unhealthy foods

10 reasons FOR an unhealthy diet (... all of which are nonsense)

Unhealthy diet - what exactly is it?

Very easily: Fog in bags.

Sure, you could inform yourself.

On the other hand, your bastard (see photo) knows really good reasons to forego a balanced diet.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should NOT be eating healthy - and why they are all Rubbish are.

1. I want to save money.

Chronic illness is much more expensive than real food (even if you are well insured).

At the weekly market you can get very cheap groceries from the region.

And if you grow the food yourself, you not only eat cheaply, you also “train” while gardening.

2. It's more convenient.

Diabetes, obesity, a lack of fitness, and lack of energy are even more uncomfortable.

3. The others also eat like this.

That is why “the others” are also chronically ill.

Every 10th German now has diabetes - and the trend is rising

4. I don't understand anything about nutrition.

Does it have an ingredient list? Then leave it out.

Did your great grandmother eat it too? Then eat it. It is not difficult.

5. I don't have time to cook.

You don't have time to be chronically ill.

You ate everything you consist of once. Food is the best medicine.

10 minutes is enough to cook a tasty, quick fitness recipe.

6. I can't cook.

Can you google

You can find numerous recipes and instructions on the internet.

Learn it now.

7. I have ethical concerns.

Fit vegetarians do not eat french fries or drink soft drinks.

Processed “organic” foods can be just as unhealthy as “normal” finished products.

Find out more, stay open to new things.

There is not ONE diet for everyone. Except for those based on unprocessed foods.

8. What should happen? I'm fine!

Chronic illnesses don't happen overnight.

Proper diet is the best antidote.

9. It's my family's fault!

Get out of the victim role.

Take the initiative.

Take responsibility for YOUR health.

You as a nutrition ambassador for your family, how about ...?

10. It just tastes better.

People like what they are used to.

Get your taste buds used to real food and natural sweetness.

This will teach you to enjoy much more intensely.

More reasons FOR an unhealthy diet ...?

If this top 10 list sounds familiar to you, you are probably already sticking with MarathonFitness on Facebook.

This list was so well received there recently that it's worth a blog post.

What other reasons do you know that speak FOR an unhealthy diet? If you include the counter-argument right away, all the better. If not, another reader will add it. Either way - write a comment.

Photos in the article “Unhealthy Diet”: _tar0_, GabrielaP93, ebruli, jules: stonesoup (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr.

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