What is the function of valves

AND valves - explanation of use and function

AND valves are used wherever a logical AND link is important in pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. Because the system operator has to operate them at the same time when operating a pneumatic or hydraulic system, these valves are not insignificant for safety. This prevents the operator from reaching into the machine during operation. In the following video, our experts explain the use and function of the valves to you.

The AND valves, also known as AND valves, are two-pressure valves. These valves have two input signals and only one output signal. Accordingly, you have to hold both input signals permanently to enable the output.

We will show you how this valve works using a practical structure. Applied in this way, however, it does not meet any safety guidelines. However, our expert also offers you a solution here and explains how you can achieve these guidelines.

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