Affiliate Marketing is saturated

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead Or Not?

I keep saying it and I am sure that this point can be decisive in whether you will be successful or not.

Find a mentor or a program

The chances of being successful in affiliate marketing increase enormously if you are looking for someone who has achieved what you still want to achieve. Someone who knows how it works and is willing to teach you, someone whose footsteps you can follow.

Step by step, one foot at a time, don't rush yourself and take the time to implement your plan effectively and purposefully. You first have to understand how the business works and how you build your business and it's about more than just a suitable affiliate product, it's about content, added value, traffic, to name just a few.

You have to be aware that there is no such thing as "overnight rich"

Fact! Don't let anyone tell you anything else! You want a successful business, right? You want to be able to work independently and make money online, right? Everyone should be aware that this simply cannot be done within 24 hours.

You want to be a businessman, run your own successful online business, in order to make this a reality, you also have to know how it works and how each individual gear meshes with the other.

A little example:

You open your own pizza shop in your town, but do you think just because there is a one-door shop there will people run into you?

Your goal is to serve the tastiest pizza, to have the best pizza bakers in town, cool interiors are just as much a part of it as super friendly waiters. If you have your troop together, it's about making a name for yourself and letting people know that you exist, for example through word of mouth (participation in Facebook groups, forums or Instagram) or through paid advertising (Facebook Ads, Google and Co.).

Slowly people come by, eat at your place, are very satisfied, come back and there are more and more guests, online one would say the audience is growing.

Do you realize that it takes all the time? It's no different in online business. Of course it will go faster if you do your best, but that you will have thousands of paying visitors to your site overnight, or that everyone clicks your affiliate link, that will not happen.