The RIL share is manipulated

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

that's great, that's how it should be.

But don't ask the broad mass of investors here, think about making profits as long as you exist!

Congratulations, everyone should make as high a profit as possible because of me.

Well, the shareholders before 2020 don't need to think about it anymore, they should then be given the # progression and the 100 R / S eh dne rEst and should then be a 98.7% loss over a 3-month period , then it's just a matter of copying.

I looked after enough cases that were then thrown out of the trade and the loss tax was completely gone, what whining it always was, long before that I had described it again and again, well ... that's how it is

But it doesn't have to happen here, but of course always keep an eye on something like that in the phase, because if you can't sell at least 0.001 in D or 0.0001 in the USA, there are no tax losses, then nothing more , with luck books the bank or broker for free.
(already happened to me even though I was also privately with the CEO (oil and Gold Explorer USA), nothing helped either (the rat))

You can see it much more clearly without an investment than with.

Recently I suspected 80% that the stock would disappear from the market, through the R / S and the following KE I only see 30%.