Is the soul divine


The baby is crying. The child jumps, dances and plays with his toys. The school child goes with his books. The young person takes exams. The youngster twists his mustache, argues, fights and runs after the women. He tries to gain fame and honor. He hoards riches. He fathered children. Then he gets old and wears glasses and false teeth. He leans on a stick. Then he eventually dies with a hiccup.

When a drop of water is splashed on a hot iron plate, it hisses and evaporates instantly. Man makes a little noise in the brief phase called life and disappears in an instant.

what is the human? What can become of him? What is the ghost? What's the best condition? It is really useful to examine these things.


Body Mind and Soul

For the Western man, man is just a physical creature endowed with a spirit and with a soul. For the Hindu, the human being is essentially a soul that expresses itself through the spirit and, as a counterpart, has a body in order to be able to function on the physical plane.
Man is a soul with a body. Man is essentially a spiritual being. Man lives because he is essentially a soul and a spirit. The innermost being of man is Atman, the Divine Spirit. The true nature of man is God. The physical body and mind depend on the soul within, about which man knows little or nothing. When man recognizes the spirit, he attains security, certainty, perfection, freedom, independence, immortality and eternal bliss.
All human beings are equal by nature. A single atman is in the same way in all beings. By the nature of consciousness all people are equal; but by the nature of spirit and life they are far apart.
The electric current that flows through different lightbulbs is one and the same. But it is perceived in different ways because the lightbulbs are different from each other. So people are different because of different types of mind and temperament.

The human being is a trinity of body, mind and soul. Consciousness is veiled by spirit and matter. Hence, it cannot discern its true divine nature. As long as man is not free from the bondage of spirit and matter, he cannot have any knowledge of the Self or Atman.


Immortality of the soul

Man is not this body. Man is not the senses, not even his mind. These are his upadhis, his vehicles. The body and mind are subject to change, decay and death; whereas the true human being, the immortal self, Atman, is always, never ends, eternal, unborn, perfect and ancient.
You have a body, but you are not the body. You have a mind, but you are not the mind. The body and mind are tools, like a carpenter's tools. This body is an instrument, a servant of the soul and not its prison.
Know that the body is the temple of the radiant spirit, the self-illuminating Atman, the soul within, which controls and moves all faculties of the spirit and the body. Know that you are breathing the breath of the mind, not the physical breath.
Death doesn't end everything. Death does not mean complete extinction. Death does not end the ongoing sequence. The doer, the soul in the body, cannot and will not die with the body. The human soul is immortal. Just as a person takes off a coat, he also takes off his body when he dies physically.

The body is the skin of the soul. The soul is the driver of the body cart. When the body is destroyed, the mind lives on. One still has thoughts, memory, willpower, and a subtle body.

The decline of man

Man is a bundle of desires, longings, emotions, desires and thoughts. It is an accumulation of desire, will, and action. It goes out when the fire of desire is put out. He thinks and acts accordingly. Thinking is real action. He acts to get what he wants. Perhaps he is sitting still with his eyes closed, but that is not inaction. His mind may plan and work. Wherever there is a desire, wherever there is action, there is imperfection. A desire is the result of imperfection and limitation.
Man is limited and imperfect. He is full of limitations. His happiness and stability depend on things. He always maintains his relationship with external things. He is carried away and driven by his desires. He becomes a slave to desires and objects.
Desires rule people and they turn their face away from God. He has forgotten his true divine nature. He considers himself a separate being. He separates from the absolute because of ignorance and selfishness. So he feels unhappy. He forgot his original, divine and infinite nature.

When a person kills his selfishness and his idea of ​​separation, when he extinguishes his desires and longings and identifies with the infinite, all limitations, imperfections and pitfalls will end. He will attain immortality and eternal bliss.

Man - a complex being

Man is a complex social animal. It is a biological organism and therefore clearly defined by the possession of certain physiological functions, such as blood circulation, digestion, breathing, excretion, etc. It is also clearly defined by the possession of certain psychological functions such as thinking, perception, memory, imagination, etc. He sees, thinks, tastes, smells and feels. Philosophically, he is the image of God, rather he is God himself. He lost his divine glory because he tasted the fruit of the forbidden tree. He can regain his lost divinity through spiritual discipline and the practice of concentration.
The human being is a complex being and has different shells that cover his real person. Perhaps it identifies with the gross physical body and cares for its needs as an animal does; or he may identify with the self-conscious mind; or he may feel his oneness with his true self, which is the eternal observer of both. The vital goals of man, however valuable they may be in their place, cannot control the spiritual being for a long period of time without complete disorder in the personality. In modern man the self-conscious mind, with all its natural limitations, has the highest rank; and suicidal skepticism is the result.
Man is made up of three components, namely a human element, animal instinct and a divine ray. He has a limited mind, an ephemeral body, a little knowledge, and a little power. That makes him clearly human. Pleasure, anger, and hatred are part of his animal nature. The reflection of cosmic intelligence is behind his mind. So he is an image of God. When the animal instincts die, when his ignorance crumbles, and when he can endure injustice and abuse, he becomes one with the divine.

Man is the highest manifestation of life on this earth. He is the image of the Lord. He is the Lord's Ray. God created man after his example. In essence, man is one with God. He thinks, feels and knows. He can discern, reflect and meditate. He can attain the highest knowledge of the self. Therefore, he is superior to other beings, even if he shares food, sleep, fear and intercourse with them.


Even yesterday man was an animal. Today he is human. It is destined to become Brahman, the Absolute, as a result of a gradual process of self-perfection.
The mineral becomes the plant with life. The plant becomes the animal with a higher stage of life. The animal becomes man with life and thoughts.
The stone is sleeping. The plant breathes. The animal moves. Man is conscious. The wise man is overconscious.
Man is rational. The animal is instinctive. The sage is intuitive.
Of all God's creatures, only man can realize God. He alone has discernment, intelligence, insight, understanding, and judgment. The mind is God's greatest gift to man. Man is a poor physical being; his dignity, however, lies in thinking, discernment, reflection and questioning.
Man develops according to his thoughts and actions. Man changes with every thought he thinks and with every action he takes.
A train goes directly to Delhi from the rail hub in Bombay; another goes to Madras; yet another goes to Nagpur. This body is also a node. You can go to heaven, Brahma Loka, to Brahman, if you act virtuously. You will fall into animal births if you do badly. You can stay human if you do normal mixed acts. The person himself - and only he - is responsible for everything good and bad in his life. Through a long process of evolution and constant effort, he can achieve perfection and freedom. He is born again and again and learns from his earthly life how to achieve perfection and unity with God.

If the wick in the lamp is very small, the light is also very small. If the wick is very large, the light is also very strong. Likewise, when the jiva is pure and meditating, the manifestation of self, its expression, will be very strong. It will emit a bright light. If it is sinful and unclean, it will be like burned charcoal. The larger the wick, the greater the light. Likewise, the purer the soul, the greater your expression.


I say to everyone: “Renew yourself. Strive for perfection and freedom. " Turn to God. Turn to the divine light. You were born to manifest the light of Brahman through the flesh.
A moral life leads you to the great temple of wisdom. There is only one sacred temple in this universe, and that is the heart of a moral and spiritual person. The heart of a good and pious person is the shrine or temple of God in this world. Hence, be righteous. Practice virtue.
Only a moral person is really beautiful. A person who acts virtuously and speaks gently and pleasantly has no equal. The Devas and Brahma also worship him. He who is truthful, gentle, humble, virtuous and honest is the best person.

Whoever has no ethical virtues is like a wild flower without fragrance. A person without virtues is a living dead. He is a harmful species to the world. He is shunned by society. A sensual person is no better than an animal. Most humans are no better than animals. You are cast out of the realm of peace and eternal bliss. Hence, develop virtuous qualities immediately. Mercy, gratitude, knowledge of the scriptures, nobility of character, self-control, and courage make a person glorious and celebrated.


Man is God in disguise who puts on a garment for fun and soon forgets his true identity. The desire pulls him down. Distinction elevates him.
When man develops, he is God. When God regresses, He is human. When God is bonded, He is man, and the person who is free from bondage is God. A deluded ignorant person is worldly. A perfect man is God.
God became man. Man will become God again. God plus desire is human. Man minus desire is God. The most ungodly people can attain supreme bliss through sincere devotion to God.
The truth is not outside of you. It is within you. It is in the depths of your heart. They are a truth of God, a work of God and God's will. You are unbound, free, forever free. You are Nitya Mukta Atman. Roar Om. Get out of the meat cage and move around freely.

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