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Gina Carano plays down the Holocaust and is fired

Gina Carano, 38, has been attracting attention for some time through racist and anti-Semitic statements and all kinds of conspiracy fantasies on social media. It was not just yesterday that there was a repeated demand that the actress, who was part of the “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”, should no longer have a platform. Now at least the Disney group has reacted and thrown her out of the Star Wars saga: She will not continue her role as bounty hunter Cara Dune in new seasons of the series and will not play in other "Star Wars" offshoots.

Anti-Semitic belittling

In a statement from the production company Lucasfilm quoted on Thursday by the internet portal and other industry services, it says: “Gina Carano is currently not under contract with Lucasfilm and there are also no plans for future projects with her. Your posts on social media denigrate people because of their cultural and religious identity, they are hideous and unacceptable Persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany.

According to the industry journal Variety, Tuesday's post said: "Jews were not beaten on the street by Nazis, but by their neighbors ... even by children." Another post said, “Most people don't know today that the government made their own neighbors simply hate them for being Jews, to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews . How does that differ from hating someone for their political views? ”This was followed by massive criticism on Twitter under the hashtag #FireGinaCarano.

that moment when a transphobic, antisemitic, police bootlicker, covid denier and trump supporter plays a character who fought her whole life against oppression and tyranny. lucasfilm should be ashamed. fire her. # / IfA3ZF6RbW

- zen🥀 (@zenskywaIker) February 10, 2021

So Carano compared herself - as a conservative republican in the role of victim - with the situation of the Jews in the Third Reich. But this anti-Semitic equation and trivialization, as well as counterfactual perpetrator-victim reversal in view of the political processes in the USA, was not their only coup. She mocked the wearing of masks in the corona pandemic or doubted Jeffrey Epstein's suicide. Carano also questioned whether the vote count in the US presidential election was legal and spoke of electoral fraud - as did President Donald Trump.

As a result, many “Star Wars” fans demanded their dismissal in November. However, in addition to the #FireGinaCarano campaign (throws Gina Carano out), there was also a counter-movement with the hashtag #WeLoveGinaCarano (We love Gina Carano). Now, after Donald Trump's election was clearly lost, Lucasfilm and Disney have finally positioned themselves clearly.