What is the Kullback Leibler KL Divergence

KL divergence

  • divergence - (to Latin divergere, to strive apart ”) refers to: generally a deviation (several meanings) divergence (optics), a measure for the directional characteristics of the beam a measure for the widening of the particle beam…… German Wikipedia

  • Divergence - (Latin), the divergence. Divergent and divergent, distant from each other, the opposite of convergent and convergent. In geometry one calls straight, intersecting lines in the direction in which they diverge, ... ... Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

  • divergence - Divergence, see series ... Lexicon of all technology

  • Divergence (math) - In mathematics, divergence is understood as a differential operator that assigns a scalar field to a vector field. While a vector is assigned to each point in a vector field, a scalar is assigned to each point in a scalar field, ... ... German Wikipedia

  • Divergence of a vector field - In mathematics, divergence is understood to be a certain functional of a vector field. If this field is interpreted as a flow field, the divergence for each point indicates the tendency whether a particle is close to this point ... ... German Wikipedia

  • divergence - inequality; Diversity; Diverge; Deviation; Antagonism * * * Di | ver | gẹnz 〈[vɛr] f. 20〉 Ggs convergence 1. Striving apart 2. Disagreement [& LT; frz… universal lexicon

  • Divergence (optics) - The term divergence is used in two different meanings in geometric optics: Divergence of a beam path When designing an optical imaging system, a distinction is made between areas in which the light (more precisely ... German Wikipedia

  • Divergence (linguistics) - In contrastive linguistics, divergence is understood as the tendency towards the mutual development of variants of a linguistic element. As a result, two distinctive elements of the same order can emerge from this process…… German Wikipedia

  • Divergence (meteorology) - Convergence and areas of divergence in the emergence of a hurricane in the Caribbean When air masses sink towards the earth's surface and finally flow apart, one speaks of divergence. To compensate for it, air must come from higher…… German Wikipedia

  • Divergence (right) - One speaks of a divergence of judicial decisions when different courts or tribunals come to a different assessment of the same decisive legal question. [1] If there is such a divergence,…… German Wikipedia

  • Divergence of judicial decisions - Divergence of court decisions, divergent assessment of the same, legal issue relevant to the decision by different courts or different arbitration bodies (chambers, senates) of the same court. To preserve the unity of the ... Universal Lexicon