How can I deactivate my NSR account

Deleting an Instagram account: step-by-step instructions

Do you really want to delete your Instagram account?

Instagram can be really annoying. Thousands of people cavort on the platform Influencerwho somehow just want to put their advertised products in a post. In addition, intrusive bots hang around on the platform, who, as if out of nowhere, comment on a photo of you, follow you and leave just as quickly after a day or two. Even if Instagram life seems difficult at times, you should ask if you really want to permanently delete your account. You have to know: If your profile is deleted, you will deleted all your pictures, followers and subscriptions forever and there is no way to restore it. So if you should decide to do it again in the future, the Social media- If you want to use the platform, you have to start from scratch. Just like Facebook, Instagram also offers the function of your Only deactivate profile. So you can do something Digital detox and decide later if you really want to give up your Instagram career entirely. It doesn't matter if you have your Delete Instagram account or want to disable it, we'll explain how it works.

Deactivate Instagram account

If you just deactivate your Instagram account, your Profile temporarily switched off. This will make your Profile invisible to all other users and your "Like" messages and pictures are hidden. However, your content will not be deleted, but will continue to be stored on the Instagram servers. As soon as you feel like using your Instagram profile again, you can easily yourself log in and reactivate your profile. In order to deactivate your Instagram profile, however, you have to log yourself log in via a browser or on a computer. Deactivation is not possible via the app. How to deactivate your account:

Step 1: Log into the browser or on the computer

You can use your Instagram account do not deactivate in the app. You have to be in the browser or on a computer log in.

Step 2: edit your profile

You will not find the option to deactivate your account in the settings, but rather in your profile. To get there, click on the person icon in the top right corner. You will then find the button on your profile "Edit profile".

Step 3: Temporarily deactivate my account

Under the navigation point "Edit profile" you will find the option in the lower right corner "Temporarily deactivate my account". There you will be explained again what a deactivation of your account means for your content. After that you will asked for a reasonwhy you want to deactivate your account. Various options are suggested to you via a drop-down menu. If you don't want to give a reason, you can simply select "Another reason". Now all you have to do is yours Enter password and on the button "Temporarily deactivate account" click. Your account will then remain hidden until you reactivate it by logging in again.

Delete Instagram account: Here's how it works

Deactivating is not enough for you? Then you can ensure that your Instagram profile disappears from the social network forever. Just like when you have yours Delete Facebook account would, even if you delete your Instagram account, all photos, videos, comments, "likes" and subscribers permanently removed and cannot be restored. So make sure you remember before deleting Back up all contentthat you still want to keep. The easiest way is to delete your account via your PC or via a direct link to a specific subpage of Instagram. It's a bit more cumbersome with the app, but we'll explain that to you as well. This is how you can delete your Instagram account via the link:

Step 1: Link to delete

In order to remove your Instagram account from the platform, you need a specific link that will take you to the page where you can find the Request deletion can. You can find the deletion option under this Link to the delete page.

Step 2: Confirm deletion

As with deactivating, you have to give a reason why you are using your Delete Instagram account want. After you have given a reason, you will be given an explanation of the respective information. Then you can, after Enter your password, via the big, red button yours Permanently delete account.  

Delete your Instagram account via the app

You can also delete your profile in the app and without going through the browser or PC. You will find this option somewhat hidden in the depths of the app.

Step 1: Call up the settings

To get into the settings, you have to have your Open profile page and via the navigation menu in the upper right corner select the item "Settings" call.

Deleting an Instagram account in the app: Step 1a

Delete Instagram account in the app: Step 1b

Step 2: Off to the help area

You will find the point under the settings "Help". Here you have to help area select to click to land.

Delete Instagram account in the app: Step 2a

Delete Instagram account in the app: Step 2b


Step 3: manage the account

In the help area you will be shown various links under which you can helpful information on various matters find. Here you choose the second point from the top, "Managing the Account", out. In this category you will also find the second point "Delete your account".

Deleting an Instagram account in the app: Step 3a

Delete Instagram account in the app: Step 3b

Step 4: delete your account

Under "Delete your account" a dropdown menu appears. In this you open the point "How do I delete my account?" and click on the Link under the first sub-item. Then you follow the Instructions, from the second step for deletion through the browser.

Delete Instagram account in the app: Step 4