How important is India to the world


The right to food, the right to work

Poverty is ubiquitous in India. Millions of children suffer from malnutrition. That is why the prevailing opinion, especially abroad, is that the Indian government does not care for those in need. There has been an ambitious social policy and numerous large-scale social programs for years. The effect of these measures is, however, limited - mainly because there are massive problems in implementation.

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Between emergency supply and medical tourism

If you get sick in India, you have two options: Either you put yourself in the hands of the state health system, which is characterized by a shortage of personnel, poor infrastructure and poor service. Or you can be treated privately, but often have to dig deep into your own pocket. The government wants to reform the system and make it fairer, but the hurdles are high.

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India's IT industry

India's IT industry has experienced a boom in the past few decades. Hundreds of domestic and foreign companies with more than three million employees are active in the industry today. They develop software and provide services - from simple administrative tasks to specialized market analyzes. The companies benefit, among other things, from the low wage costs. But the IT location India is gradually losing its competitive advantages and increasingly has to fight off international competition.

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