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Retrofitting parking aid: in the workshop and at home

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Parking sensors can make life a lot easier - or at least the search for a parking space

The Finding a parking space is often exhausting and nerve-wracking. Especially after work, when most people want to sink exhausted on the couch, the search for a parking space can be quick Test of patience become. Once a parking space has been found, it is usually a bit of concentration and finger or Tip-toe sensation asked. Who then has a Parking aid on his car, it is usually clear lighter.

So can the parking sensor to warnif the driver is about to join with the person behind or in front collide. This can be done just for Novice driverswho are not yet able to assess the distance to other vehicles very well, a real one Help be. In this guide you can read everything there is to know about how to use a Retrofit parking aid let what it costs and how this technology at all is working.

FAQ: Installation and costs of a parking aid

How does a parking aid work?

A parking aid has sensors that determine the distance to other vehicles and warn the driver of a collision. The parking aid can make itself noticeable with a camera or just by a beep.

Retrofitting parking aid (or having it installed): What costs will I have to pay?

Simple parking aids with an acoustic signal and without a camera can be installed in a workshop for as little as 200 euros. If you want to retrofit the system yourself, you can get the corresponding item for little money.

Retrofitting a parking aid without drilling - how does it work?

If you equip your car with a parking aid but don't want to drill a hole in the bumper, you can get a license plate holder with built-in sensors, for example. These send radio signals to a display inside the vehicle.

How does a parking aid work?

The Furnishing of modern cars are nowadays no limits more set. From club-compatible music systems, changeable color design of the interior and Drowsiness detectionUp to on-board computers that park independently, everything is possible. Driver assistance systems can not only drive a car clearly lighter design, but also safer and make it more convenient.

A Parking aid, which is also called PDC (Park Distance Control), can, for example, the driver acoustic or visual warning signals if this is dangerous for another vehicle when parking Near comes. Anyone who has ever had one scratch on another car knows how much time the contact with the police, the injured person and the subsequent Claims settlementavail for a comparatively little accident. A parking aid could be helpful here To spare costs, effort and nerves.

But how does the technology behind it work?

Reversing sensors are available in different versions. Some measure the environment with the help of Ultrasonic, others use one radar. However, parking aids with radar have a significant disadvantage to: Sometimes they react to heavy rain and then give the driver a signal.

But regardless of whether ultrasound or radar: the parking aid detects them Distance to other objects with the help of sent out and then thrown back Rays as well as one Distance-time calculation. The reversing systems have Sensors, which are usually on Rear and at the front of the car are attached. Depending on the product, the acoustic or visual parking aid on the car warns the driver before too close a distance.

Retrofitting a parking aid: costs in the specialist workshop

Many cars today are already equipped with a reversing camera. If you wish, you can usually purchase one New car order a reversing alarm. in the In hindsight But it is also possible to have the parking aid installed or to do this yourself.

A Specialist workshop For example, a parking aid can be retrofitted at the front and rear or only at the rear of the car. Depending on expenditure the costs vary greatly in some cases. They also depend on which one Furnishing You want exactly:

  • Would you like a parking aid for front and back?
  • Should a camera help with parking?
  • How many Sensors may it be?
  • Should these only be on the fronts or also laterally be attached to the vehicle?
  • Should these be in the colour of the car to be painted?

Many specialist motor vehicle companies already offer retrofitting of the parking aid between 200 and 400 euros at. For anything equipment the limits are open at the top.

Retrofit parking sensors yourself

If you want to retrofit a parking aid, for example at the front and rear, you can save costs by using the Buy equipment and install it yourself. However, it is not recommended if you are using a parking aid camera want to have in the front of the car. Because then the sensors have to be connected to the screen.

It is fundamental though allowedTo install parking aids yourself, as the Operating permitusually does not go out. But lay people who deal with the Vehicle electronics Unfamiliar and want to have a display in the interior are advised to contact one Specialist company to turn, good advice. Even if you have a drilling for a sensor, you should Attention let it prevail, because mistakes quickly the Damaged bumper can be.

Who some money for the parking aid save up can do the assembly yourself. Then it is a good idea, for example, a parking aid on License plate to fix.

The old License plate holder against the new with the integrated technology exchanged. The parking aid sends a signal to you by radio monitorthat is placed in the front of the car so that the driver can get a good Look on this has. The monitor is at best with Speakers equipped so that the driver can pay attention to them when parking.

The intelligent license plate holder has a battery packthat needs to be charged regularly. The display can be accessed via the cigarette lighter in the car with electricity are supplied. With this method you can equip your car with a parking aid, without drilling to have to because the bumpers remain intact. Such brackets for license plates are already available from 40 euros available.

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